Microsoft Needs To Get Real

" writes: I really dislike feeding into rumors, but I'll take the bait anyways since Yusuf Mehdi himself said the Xbox 360 is changing from being a gaming console, to an "entertainment console," something synonymous with Sony and the PlayStation brand. The rumors are that the next Xbox will be heavily influenced by apps and non-gaming related things, and that's all good because I'm sure there's a market for it. But for a bit of perspective, Sony and the PlayStation brand did something similar, but they did so in an era when Smart TVs, Smart Phones, and Tablets and many other gadgets simply didn't exist. Nowadays, we have TVs with built-in wifi receivers that can stream Netflix, check out Facebook, Twitter, etc. In my opinion, I think there exists the danger of very quickly becoming irrelevant when you alienate your core audience by focusing on offering things that are more easily accessible elsewhere."

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dangert123570d ago

I am not keen on Microsoft, but what they are doing seems to be working for them.

JoySticksFTW3570d ago

I don't disagree, but it seems to be working for them short term.

Like MS only catered to the hardcore gamers short term for two straight generations.

I bought a 360 for Mistwalker games, Dead Rising, Crackdown, GeOW, and Mass Effect. And except for Gears, those titles either dried up (MW), went south (CD2), or went multiplat.

Now 360 gamers are left wondering if they'll be supported short-term to be pushed aside for Kinect and entertainment focus when 720 launches.

Even reputable sites like neogaf are already debating whether their 360 gamers will jump over to PS4 next gen, mostly due to Sony's track record of continuously providing content for the hardcore gamer and now PS+. And if the PS4 design leaks are to be believed, it seems designed more towards gaming than extras.

Me, I probably won't get either system day one anyways. I still have too many games in my backlog from this gen, so I'll probably get both eventually during sales or price cuts. But honestly, it's going to be hard if not impossible to hold back.

stragomccloud3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

MW didn't dry up. Microsoft cancelled the last game under the 3 game contract, neither party really wanted to finish the game anyway, so MW abandoned ship for Nintendo and made "Last Story" an amazing game~

By the way, Microsoft also brought down Ensemble studios. That was a sad story. After years and years of working under Microsoft, Ensemble was dropped before their final game(Halo Wars) was even released.

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Tei7773570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

lol, as little as microsoft has done to deliver exclusive support to the 360. Its still been very much alive. Exclusives only matter to those who need to validate their console purchase.. If you have a 360 and are enjoying the likes of Dishourned, Ac3, COD, Battlefield, Skyrim, Bioshock... essentially everything other then sony 1st party titles why does it matter?

For me personally the annoyance is in the fact that the 360s 1st party line up was so strong from 2007-2009. I assume many people bought the system expecting this to continue...

Also I'm sure many sony fanboys brag of exclusives they don't even play lol

Cupid_Viper_33570d ago


I'm sorry but you seem to contradict yourself in that post there.

First you said: " Exclusives only matter to those who need to validate their console purchase"

Then you said: "For me personally the annoyance is in the fact that the 360s 1st party line up was so strong from 2007-2009. I assume many people bought the system expecting this to continue... "

I think that's the whole point to buying a product over the next. Why should I buy GLAD garbage bags over the other ones on the market even though they all carry garbages. Because GLAD garbage bags are stronger, and I don't ever want to have to be picking up garbage with my bare hands from the floor while taking it out.

I believe that it is pointless for me to buy an xbox 360 if I already own a PS3 if all I'm going to play is the multi platform games. That money would be put to better use by buying games with for the PS3.

Tei7773570d ago

Haha, let me not contradict myself this time!

What I ultimately mean is that if you're enjoying you're 360, why does it matter how many exclusives it has? All that matters is that it has the games you want to play. If those games lay on another system (the last of us), then yeah sure you may regret your purchase. I mainly just trying to get at the point that people sometimes like to brag about exclusives regardless of whether they're going to buy them or not. If all you're favourite franchises are multiplatform (GTA/COD/elderscrolls/Assasins creed- sales suggest this is the case for many) then exclusives are merely a cherry on the top.

The latter point I made is a bit confused. Its only really valid if you're a 360 owner, who bought a 360 over a ps3 to play games like the original Bioshock or Mass effect which were 360 exclusive at one point. Now they're multiplatform you may feel cheated. If you don't care about microsofts other franchises (halo/gears/fable), then maybe you will look back in hindsight and wish you bought a pS3 instead and picked up Bioshock+mass effect when they were latter ported.

grayfoxx8813570d ago

"Exclusives only matter to those who need to validate their console purchase."

That's a pretty ignorant comment. I, like many others, bought a 360 because of Halo 3. It was a great game with awesome multiplayer, that's why it sold so well. Some exclusive games matter because they truly are great games. Get your head out of your ass.

Tei7773570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I didn't mean it like that. If say you're really into Halo + a few multiplatform titles and nothing the ps3 has to offer then it really doesn't matter that microsoft rarely supports the 360 in exclusive content. I was just trying to make the point that exclusives for the sake exclusives doesn't amount to much. It all just comes to down to being able to play games you like, their exclusivity doesn't make them better.

The PS3 has had an abysmal year of 1st party titles. Around 10 were released in 2012 and they all flopped. Not trying to hate on ps3 (its actually my prefered console), just using it as an example. The 360 has tons of amazing games on it and still coming out for it, they're just not exclusives. RIP articles like this are ridiculously over the top lol

mcstorm3570d ago

I love this fan boy rants. How many exclusives did the ps3 have in its first few years compared to the 360?

At the end of the day people should buy what they like not what everyone else says they should buy. I have a surface as it offers me more than what an iPad or android tablet dose but I don't go around telling other people they should not get an android or iPad because it works better for me.

Its all about choice people. If you all spent less time going on about what you don't like in life you might enjoy the things you do enjoy in life a little more.

ILive3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

You are still a tool regardless, tei777. Ask yourself this: will it make any f**king sense if two consoles are in the market to only offer multiplats? Exclusives are meant to seperate the consoles, followed by the features. My friend that is only a 360 owner has nothing to look forward too after dead space 3. He does not want gears judgement because he is still content with 3. From now and perhaps till september, he has nothing to play. None of the multiplats coming between then interests him. Many 360 owners are likely in the same state, while ps3 owners got ni no kuni in jan, will get god of war in march, and last of us in june.

jetlian3569d ago

exclusives only matter at the beginning.Once you buy a system you have it theres nothing more you have to do. If your friend only wanted those games he's screwed but its not costing him more than his original investment.

Whos says said 360 owners want ni no kuni,Gow,tlou either? The number of the exclusives doesn't make a difference either way. their could be a ps3 only owner that want gears.

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Kevlar0093570d ago

With more people using Live for Videos and Music than online games, I don't think MS wants to go back into just the gaming business. They see more money in marketing Xbox as your one stop destination for your entertainment needs. Games will certainly be a part of it, but don't expect a "games first" policy, look to see less exclusives compared to PS4, or WiiU.

I'm interested in games first so I'm fairly certain I will pass on the next Xbox (if my assumptions hold true)

G20WLY3570d ago

Really sorry, I disagreed by accident. I think you're spot on.

Looking at games (and isn't that why we're all here?!) it has to be Playstation for me next gen. With the smart TVs getting ever smarter and TV outs for tablet PCs, Microsoft is playing a dangerous game with the Xbox brand, I think.

Some argue that PS has too many exclusives, but if that gives gamers a choice and they keep coming regardless, that has to be a good thing, right? I don't want only one or two AAA exclusives a year and have to choose between macho 3rd person or macho 1st person shooter - it's not enough. There's a massive gap in the spectrum, with that at one end and kiddies Kinect games at the other.

For me, it's games first and entertainment features are a secondary bonus; not the other way around! And it'll be the same for me next gen.

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