Five Metal Gear Solid Online Starter Map Packs Reaveled

Those of you excited for a little teaser into the online world of Metal Gear Solid 4 have finally been given it. We realize that that is pretty much everyone, so that makes this even sweeter. Konami has released on their Japanese website, a screenshot of 5 different maps that will be appearing in the Metal Gear Solid 4 Online starter pack.

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mighty_douche4190d ago

Look Fantastic!

The last map "Blood Bath" looks like it would work great in so many games including CoD4.

sonarus4190d ago

IMO these maps look a little big for 16 players. Common konami up it to 24 or something. I am almost as excited for MGO as i am for MGS4

Mr_Kuwabara4190d ago

OMG Urban Ultimatum has a striking resemblance to City Under Siege. My CITY of killing spree/Headshots is finally back!

TheWickedOne4190d ago

In the great words of Bill and Ted. Excellent.
I dig the look of Ambush Alley.

mighty_douche4190d ago

LOL... 3 comments^^ all preferring a different map to each other. That's a good sign in my eyes.

Mr_Kuwabara4190d ago

I hope they add the Kill Houses from the original MGO. I really liked playing on those very tiny maps with pros.

We also invented playing rugby with the Kerotan on those maps. No kills just stun with the rolling technique, hehe good times, good times.

HarryEtTubMan4190d ago

You can tell MGS4 is BY FAR going to be the best ever... its also became ALOT more Americanized and it the MGS games dont even feel like Japanese games too much in the first place. I seriously think MGS4 is gonna be HUGEEEE.

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The story is too old to be commented.