CheatCC Review: Bomberman Land - More Middling Mini-gamin'

CheatCC writes: "Bomberman Land for the Wii starts by telling you a story; it's the story of a dark, Bomberman-looking intruder that yanks away the title of Champion, takes over Bomberman Land, and captures the leader and host of the show. Meanwhile, the good-spirited, white Bomberman is enjoying a nice vacation in the beach, drinking piña coladas, and sunbathing (despite wearing an outfit that's more proper for other activities). Due to the unfortunate events back in Bomberman Land, his peace goes away in a flash, as other Bomberman pals drop by with the Bomb Pad, a little gadget that allows him to see what's going on and communicate with the rest of the guys. Mr. White quickly goes back and jumps on a mission to recover the title of Champion. Of course, the story doesn't end here, as the game has a special and ultra-slow way of telling the story through numerous, overly-subtitled cutscenes where your only duty is to hit A and hope it all goes away. "

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