CheatCC Review: Jumper: Griffin's Story

CheatCC writes: "The old adage about how movies really just do not translate into games is a tried and true formula. It never fails; well, I guess there is the oddball here and there throwing a wrench into the mix, but for the most part it is dead on. Far be it for me to keep you all in suspense on the latest verdict, so here it goes; Jumper: Griffin's Story holds firm, and is indeed a miserable game. Clearly thrown together for the purpose of cashing in on what was supposed to be a big time movie, Griffin's Story fails to execute in nearly every category. It is almost shameful that this game was put out there; the overall lack of effort put into the title alone is astounding. Despite my severe agitation and disdain for all those involved in the production of this trite title, which led to my having to play it, I must soldier on. Stay with me because if you still want to play this game after I detail its wealth of shortcomings, then it may be time for you to seek counseling. "

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