Where does Nintendo take the StarFox series from here?

StarFox has been around since the SNES days, and most recently hit the Nintendo DS. The franchise seems to have lost its way ever since StarFox Adventures released on the GameCube. While Nintendo's other franchises seem to have no trouble continuing on, StarFox is in need of some fine-tuning. What should Nintendo do to help the franchise regain its feet? GoNintendo has some thoughts on the topic.

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ChickeyCantor4190d ago

people might disagree...but Starfox on the Super nintendo is still the BEST starfox ever made....

and i hope for a new starfox that can live up to the same awesome game it was back then!

okcomputer4190d ago

The first n64 one was the best imo, but the super nintendo starfox is still a classic.

Time Lord4190d ago

It will always have special place in my heart

Marceles4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Yeah I agree about Starfox 64 being the best one. The original was classic as well, but the N64 version pretty much improved on everything that was wrong with the original from the technical issues, to multiplayer, to the length of the game, to graphics; sort of like the difference between Super Smash Bros and Smash Bros Melee, and now Brawl. The Starfox series is pretty much going the same way the Sonic series is...they have absolutely no idea what to do with it anymore other than release handheld versions of the game now.

IQUITN4G4190d ago

Starfox on Snes was and still is pure magic like games today can't seem to match.I very much liked the N64 version as it was a brilliant game also but no Starfox has ever bettered the first outing.

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REPLOID244190d ago

Nintendo need to make this one,(not Namco or anybody else} and bring back the core group that worked on StarFox 64. That game holds up today as being great. The GC titles don't do it for me.

PS360WII4190d ago

The First Star Fox on GC was pretty neat. Nothing like the others but I didn't get into the second one.

Not sure where they would go with it maybe back to the skies... hmmm maybe instead of Kid Icarus Factor 5 is working on Star Fox???!

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The story is too old to be commented.