Battlefield: Bad Company Preview - War is good for some things

GameTap writes: GameTap recently had the chance to check out some multiplayer action from one of the newest takes on the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield: Bad Company. While Bad Company is similar in structure to previous games in the series (first-person shooting with plenty of vehicles to scoot around in), it has the distinction of being the first to have destructible environments and a fleshed out story for the single-player campaign. Obviously, the latter doesn't have to do with multiplayer, but the former comes into play in some interesting ways.

The first multiplayer match pits two teams against each other, with one team defending several points on the map (which appear in-game as crates holding gold) and the other trying to reach these points and set explosives. If you're jumping into a match already in progress (or respawning), you have the option to go either where the rest of the team is or near the base so that you can take some time to get your bearings and figure out where the enemy is hiding.

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