A Closer Look at the PlayStation 4 Controller Prototype

Earlier today we got a first look at what our sources have confirmed is a prototype controller for Sony's forthcoming console, the PlayStation 4. While the photo provides only a limited view of the new design, it represents the culmination of several persistent rumors over the last few months, including reports of an integrated touch surface and PlayStation Move support. But what else can discern from the photo? Read on as we take a closer look.

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mushroomwig3144d ago

I wouldn't pay too much attention to the design, just look at how the Vita prototype looked;

LOL_WUT3144d ago

I haven't followed much of these rumors but can someone fill me in on the touchpad? If I remember correctly I thought the touchpad was going to be on the back?

PirateThom3144d ago

All the rumours I heard were that it was on the front.

Probably going to be used for navigating the menu or something.

BitbyDeath3144d ago

Social is supposed to be big this time around and this controller shows that with the speaker/mic and screen on front.

I think not only will the touchpad be used to show different buttons/menus but also may be used to display messages sent from friends so you no longer have to pause your game.

The final look may change but it is highly likely these features will be included in the final version.

Thatguy-3103144d ago

Heard that the touch pad will also be click able. Since I can't see a share button maybe that's what will act as a share button.

KaBaW3144d ago

Talking about a touchscreen, I think it would be cool if it was all touch.
Like, still take the shape of the controller, as they will but make it touch.
This way, you could like 'rearrange' the buttons and such to your liking.

:O Iduno, the idea sounds neat, though. :P

Donnieboi3144d ago

Should have been in the back. I don't wanna have to take my thumbs off of the analog sticks/face buttons just for that. BUT if pad was on bottom, I can still use my ring fingers and pinky to use the analog sticks and face buttons. It would EXTEND the amount of things I could do all at one time. Like an L4 and R4 button(s).

Not too late for Sony to fix that, as i'm sure anyone with a Vita can tell u it is better behind the Vita. U can't use ANY face buttons while your thumbs are busy reaching for a FRONTAL touch pad....

nveenio3144d ago

I don't think this leaked. I think Sony purposely leaked this in an effort to decide which prototype controller to unveil on Wednesday. With the PS3, they unveiled the WRONG design, and I don't think they want that again, because controllers are a big deal to gamers.

Ju3144d ago

Nothing was said about a "screen". It's a touchpad (probably with feedback re "can be pressed") but has no screen - like the rear touch of the Vita.

Hayabusa 1173144d ago

@ KaBaW

The problem with that is that you won't get the same feedback as using buttons. Sure, you could make the controller vibrate or what-not but devs as well as users will always pick a real button over a simulated one.

@ Donnieboi

Err, sorry, I prefer front touch, simply because I can actually SEE where my finger is going. I like rear touch as an idea, but in practice it's not as intuitive as front touch.

nveenio3144d ago

There are controllers out there that are built modularly, allowing you to disassemble and rearrange the controller so that analog sticks and buttons are placed according to personal preference. But this makes for a bit clunkier design (electronically).

KaBaW3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

While, yes, that is true. Who knows what technology they could use?
Just because right now there could be a delay doesn't mean always will be.
I just think it sounds fascinating, cause you could set buttons how you want.
You wouldn't be restricted to how the controlled is laid out, necessarily.

@ inveni0 - I wasn't aware of that, but a touch screen would remove that.
The control wouldn't necessarily be clunky, at least I wouldn't think so.

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camel_toad3144d ago

Great prototype pic but geez I wish the 20th would get here already...

fei-hung3144d ago

What's interesting is how nobody picked up or is speculating on the possible PS4 dev kit the controller is attached to in the photo.

It looks like it has 2 cameras built into it, one on each side. This is interesting as it would mean every PS4 will have a built in PSEye and with controllers having the move sensor built in, you will not need to a Move controller separately. It also possibly means you will not be able to stack the PS4 vertically and to make proper use of all it's tech, you will need to place it not to high or to low.

Saigon3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )


I agree I said the same thing, i figured that would have been the other key point of the picture.

I also noticed that there is 1 button on the left near the d-pad (which is obvious to see) but there is another near the actual PS button scheme (S,T,C,X)...I guess they are both share buttons? and if this is a touch pad, what will it be used for exactly?

wastedcells3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Saigon. I'd say those are start select buttons. Share buttons are a retarded rumour.

Cueil3144d ago

I think the camera's will probably come separate maybe like the Kinect(it has mutipul cameras)... sit below or on top of your TV... or maybe on each side if they are separate... just speculating of course

Sevir3143d ago

No its not, the share button wasn't a retarded rumor. It was featured and well talked about in the or is devkit documents that was leaked to Kotaku last month. And just about everything mentioned in that 60-80 page document was spot on and confirmed. Kotaku did say that the documents were about 9, months old and that the final specs they revealed from their source could change but very unlikely due to the nature of production and time schedules with launching this year.

KEEP in mind also that this picture of the "Or is" controller has been stated by more than one media outlet band their source that while this is a REAL controller, its also a very early iteration, and the final design will likely change. We don't know if this was the first or second or 3rd revision on the controller and it likely isn't the last.

For all we know this may very be old and the controller we see on Wednesday next week may feature the share button much like what was confirmed in the or is report documents for the or is devkits.

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Outside_ofthe_Box3144d ago

Well I wouldn't mind if the final build looks very similar to this design as this one keeps Dual Shock look, might as well call it the DS4 if it's going to look like that. All the rumors that were saying that Sony was abandoning the Dual Shock design made it seem as if Sony was pulling a 180 going with a totally different look.

wastedcells3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Almost looks more like an LCD then a touch pad. Maybe for health bars and what not? But I can see a touch pad being cool for a pointer like a mouse I guess.

supremacy3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

I believe thats part of the idea.

The speaker there are mics for voice chat and voice commands.

The L2 and R2 from what i hear are triggers like those on the 360 which is why this seems bulkier than the current line of dualshock controllers.

The new dpad s for a more comforting experience with fighting games, but i feel this new look is rather cheap and almost makes this an alien to the tradional PlayStation designs. My hope is that they change this one tiny aspect back to the more tradional spaced dpad design most are familiar with. Would also be nice if the buttons where clear like those on the vita.

The touchpad isnt a touch screen but has multiple functions, like being a clickable button as well as a touch surface.

The new dual analog sticks look promising,but do these feel less loose like the ones on the 360 controllers? Now if they can nail that down then have something special in your hands Sony.

The glowing blu light is for move, but i guess we will know more soon.

xtremeimport3144d ago

im waiting till the 20th before i make any judgements. lol

Steadyhndz3144d ago

Development kit release rumors started almost a year ago as well, so even if this developer kit is real, and this controller came with it, even 3 months ago, Sony could have changed A LOT to it. Highly doubtful that this is the final product or looks anything like it.

gluv653144d ago

IGN missed the second button in the upper right near the buttons. I mean they say they zoomed in and if they did how did they miss it.

IAmLee3144d ago


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showtimefolks3144d ago

Only few more days, I wouldn't take this prototype very serious. The final controller will be a lot cooler

ironfist923144d ago

Thats the thing with protoypes, they show the desired function, but not the form. It looks low quality when compared to the DS3, but has some pretty interesting innovative features

Cant wait to see the final product, looks intriguing. If this is just the controller, cant wait for the console itself.

GribbleGrunger3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Yeah, and Sony would NOT want that final form out there just in case a picture leaked... which clearly it has. It really is an exciting time to be a PS branded gamer. That touchscreen will probably be used in the same way a pad is used on laptops. Really handy for browsing the web, and if they can fit a little keyboard on there ...

delboy3144d ago

Hope so
Can't come up with a good use with such a SMALL touch pad or touch screen.
I think it's more or less useless.

Cueil3144d ago

I agree that it's much to short... assuming the dimensions haven't changed of the d-pad that's a tiny ass touch pad that my thumb will cover almost completely

tachy0n3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

its fake, take a look at how un-even the left grip is.

compare the overall round shape of the PS3 controller to it you will see.

last time i checked human hands are shaped the same. when have you seen controllers with grips that are different to each other?

i love the design though.

ironfist923144d ago

Do you understand what a Prototype is?

tachy0n3144d ago

yes, but even cheap chinese rip offs get the shape right, sony being a multibillion dollar company how is it possible even if its a prototype.

Ju3144d ago

A prototype is probably a custom mold not industrially made but in single pieces. Those things are often hand modeled. It's supposed to give you a rough idea how it feels and how it works. That's all. And it allows you to change things fairly quickly without the need to have a full production run. Also, final products require a large quantity to produce, otherwise manufacturing would be way too expensive.

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annus3144d ago

Yeah the whole left side is off! Must have been a faulty machine! Either that or the photo was simply taken slightly toe the right of the center so the perspective is off.... Look at the analogue sticks, it's obvious.

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RogueStatus283144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Hmm, I don't recall a response this positive when the Wii U prototype got revealed, that was gimmicky though, this is hype.

r213144d ago

Basically all the next gen PS controller rumor have been saying it'll be the same old lovable dual shock design, just with a lil touchpad in the front. So for all the PS fans, this isnt much of a change compared to lets say a huge screen in the middle of a controller.