DBZ Burst Limit - 36 Screens From PS3 Version

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit is Namco Bandai's next title in the DBZ franchise. Burst Limit will be similar to the DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi series (published by Atari in Europe and North America) and have online multiplayer, be cut-scene driven and support 16/9.

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destroyah4012d ago

I hate that website. Their screens always look like crap.

decapitator4012d ago

About that, I thought the image problem would be fixed.

Daytona4012d ago

Where does it say this?

These are either version since it doesn't say a specific one, reguardless it looks ok, I'll have to see actually game play to see if it's worth a buy, rent or a skip.

Laexerias4012d ago

Lol look at the one with the Rapid Button pushing, its a A and i never found such a Button on my Glorious Dualshock 3 Controller.

Jamegohanssj54012d ago

Holy fudge! A screen shot of Android 17!

The genius has spoken.