DMC4 Videos has updated their site with some more Devil May Cry 4 gameplay videos.

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PS3 Owns All5902d ago

I looooooooooooooove DMC games, except for DMC2....thanks for the post News Bot! ^-^

Tut5901d ago

Those look great even though the fight scenes were repetitive. One thing I noticed was the load time for the cut-scenes and area transfers. I didn't see any problem with the speed of the load; I was actually impressed to be honest. I was expecting much worse.

Thank you!


bohemian 235901d ago

One of the most boring games ever made.

soccerstar5901d ago

you would be be going on and on about how good it was if it was on 360

PS3 Owns All5901d ago

When a game is PS3 exclusive, 360 fans say it sucks, when its on the 360, ''Oh that games gonna PWN all PS3 titles!'' ? What a joke. It hurts them that the truth is, DMC games do not go well on 360. Period.