Call of Duty 3 gameplay

Activision released this new gameplay video of Call of Duty 3. And while it may not be the most impressive title technically, it still does look good.

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USMChardcharger5905d ago

quote form the article:
"And while it may not be the most impressive title technically, it still does look good."

that is a wierd statement. CoD2 had some really good particle effects (like smoke and explosions) and at the hardest setting, some of the most realistic A.I. behavior ever seen. so if CoD3 tweaks even more of the same for CoD2...that technically makes it an impressive title too me. o well

bizzy125905d ago

i caint wait for this and play it on the hardest felt real playing on the hardest setting.

JPomper5905d ago

Looks really good. Guess I need an HDTV :-/

dantesparda5905d ago

Why? why do you think that you need a HDTV? the graphics will look exactly the same on a non-HDTV. Just not as sharp, you will be able to see things more clearly, but the same exact graphics none-the-less. The HDTv will just give you a better picture quality. So instead of looking a little blurry here or fuzzy there, the HDTV will just sharpen it up, but your not going to notice different graphics. Just a sharper picture quality

USMChardcharger5905d ago

well yeah, but i think we are both saying we just wish we had a HD-TV.

i have CoD2 and it looks great on my standard...i just wish i had a HD-TV...don't you?

i have an eclipse...its great and it looks good, but i wished i had a BMW.

OutpostCommand5905d ago

This looks so damn good.
What depresses me is the fact that I cant play it until March !
I would import a PS3, but then I wont be able to watch BD movies.

Grown Folks Talk5905d ago

are the movies not region free like the games, or did they change something?

OutpostCommand5905d ago

Personally, I have no idea.
Ive just been told that I wont be able to watch BD movies on a PS3 from another country.

THAMMER15905d ago

It is killing COD2 and RFOM. The only close to this level is GEARS.

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