Edge Preview: Disgaea 3 - The series that put the 'exp' into 'exponential' sticks to its sprites

Edge writes: It's one thing for sequels to stick to a prior formula, using bells, whistles and baby steps to distract from the cynicism of exploitation. But when the series in question is built entirely upon a revision sheet's worth of equations, changing just the slightest of parameters can make worlds of difference.

Developer Nippon Ichi's first-principles reconstruction of the turn-based strategy RPG has served the studio well in the past four years, as its faith in the ability of players to savor complexity continues to pay off. Even after ten hours of playtime with the PS3 game, however, it's difficult to contrast Disgaea 3 with its previous iterations, and decide whether its changes come to be anything close to advances in the long run.

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[email protected]4187d ago

I second ur opinion... But I doubt if would happen.

Bebedora4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Give it 4 000,000 hours and they will know the difference to the last two iterations. :)