Call of Duty 4 - Patch Released? (Xbox/PS3)

It seems that there has been some sort of confirmation along with user posts on the new COD4 patch already being available on XBL.

See Below for more details:

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Captain Tuttle4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

It's been released. I was just playing on the 360. I can't confirm the PS3 patch.

mighty_douche4006d ago

ahhh good stuff, enjoy it guys!

BeaArthur4006d ago

I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure the quick mute will be my favorite feature. There is nothing more annoying than having someone on your team that is shouting or playing music and all you want to do is mute them but you don't want to get shot doing it.

RecSpec4006d ago

Have the ACOG and sniper rifles gotten better?

Captain Tuttle4006d ago

I haven't used the ACOG yet but have been killed a couple of times by people using it. Going by the Kill Cam it still sways but the hit detection seems the way it should be. It's accurate once you settle on the target.

I killed a few snipers (it seems like people who never snipe were trying it out) but never got hit by one. Sniper isn't my favorite class.

SeNiLe9114006d ago

This update is the boom!

The instant replay from a grenade kill is insane. The camera follows the grenade from when it's thrown, through the air and when you explode from it, so Bad @$$ looking!!!

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mighty_douche4006d ago

Hardly confirmation, i just read through ALL the posts and it appears ONE guy said he got the update on his 360, thats it, no one else (360 or PS3).

Im sure a statement will be released by IW before the patch actually goes Live. Eitherway, if the 360 guys are getting it today, good stuff, hopefully the PS3 will follow soon after.

r3xmund14006d ago

Hi Mighty.... If you read the intro I do mention that it is 'some sort of' not ACTUAL confirmation.

I took actually having the patch when I turned on my Xbox confirmation, but that really does not count ;)


Vip3r4006d ago

I was on the PS3 version earlier and there was no new patch to download.

mighty_douche4006d ago

Well the PS3 version was running slightly behind (nothing new) and i believe it got sent to Sony a few days ago, so id expect it very soon, within the next few days.

thisguywithhair4006d ago

Just played the game right now. No new patches.

Iron Man 24006d ago

Lucky b*stards!:P

Release the COD4 PS3 patch soon!;)

hfaze4006d ago

And throw in rumble for the PS3 with the next patch... Impatient folks like myself who imported Japanese DualShock3's will appreciate it... ;-)

jackdoe4006d ago

IW have pretty much confirmed that they will NOT be supporting DS3. Lame bastards take four months to release a feature patch and they won't be supporting rumble? Lamest thing I've read. Go to IW official forums for more info.

Proxy4006d ago

They could at least take the cheap road out. Just put a rumble command in the subroutine that displays the shaky screen and the red blood lines around the screen.

Idealy, it could be implemented with only a dozen lines of code. It may not be the "Hey, I can feel that rock I just stepped on in my paddle" rumble, but it would be better than nothing.

name4006d ago

Infinity ward confirmed yesterday that the PS3 patch is going through certification or something now and should be released soon.