IGN: GTAIV Aussie Hands-on

IGN AU writes: It's been three and a half long years since the release of GTA: San Andreas but the time has finally come around for a hands-on session with the next chapter in the legendary franchise. We've already mentioned how vibrant and detailed the visuals are in our earlier previews, so this time the focus is purely on the gameplay. Below IGN AU spills the dirt on the GTAIV's biggest hands-on highlights – how we did them, and what they mean in the big picture.

1. Pick a fight
2. Grand Theft Shotgun
3. Start World War III
4. Lose the cops
5. Witness Euphoria
6. Play dodgem cars in traffic
7. Set stuff on fire
8. Nail the new drive-bys
9. Cooking grenades
10. Go nuts with a rocket launcher

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