PS3 Debug Firmware 2.15 leaked "A bit of unexpected news on this Leap Year today indeed.. a nice guy has leaked PS3 Debug Firmware 2.15 today! A picture of it on my "test" console is below, and also there is an unpacked FileList of it for those interested. It adds a new "vm" folder to the PS3 HDD among other things, but we have yet to thoroughly look through it."

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sonarus4193d ago

for those of us who don't understand game tech speak. Can anyone clarify this. Does this mean an update is coming up?

Coffin874192d ago

but the date isn't sure. maybe next week, maybe next month..

TheHater4193d ago

ok. What the hell does that mean? I don't understand. Is the next firmware update coming or something?

games4fun4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

01/20/2008 01:54 PM 243,559 BLUETOOTH_FIRMWARE.pkg
01/19/2008 03:43 AM 4,976,256 CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg

obviously the os is being modified along with the bluetooth functionality also below there are a bunch of these type

01/20/2008 01:51 PM 1,671 dev_flash_000.tar.aa.2008_01_2 1_084823

I hope that this means the flash player on the the ps3 is being updated it could also mean that there using a flash type program dev tools for any number of interface changes

i also think that skerj is correct in his assumption of the debug in the gamer zone Directory of ..2.15_DEBUGvsh shows debugging

Disclaimer: this is based on logic i don't have a degree in coding and i am using common sense and logical guessing do not take this as absolute truth

Rikitatsu4193d ago

Nothing regarding the next update

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The story is too old to be commented.