White PS3 Due In March?

Kotaku writes:

"Over the past week or so, we've been hearing reports from retailers across the US that the current 40GB PS3/Spider-Man 3 deal was about to wind up. They'd stopped receiving them, and had instead been told to expect new 40GB units without a movie. Seemed odd. Might be a very good reason, though: we've since heard from Circuit City employees that they've begun receiving shipments of these "new" PlayStation 3s. On the shipping box? The model number CECHH01. Which the more observant amongst you will recognise as the model # for the White PlayStation 3. Seems these will be held in stock until the current Spider-Man 3 bundles are gone, and will then be offered for the standard price of $399. I guess black 40GB units, sans Spider-Man 3, will go on sale then as well."

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PimpHandHappy4191d ago

its a fine looking piece of hardware

When the PS3 hits around 300bucks i will buy one just to play bluerays in my bedroom.

Bonsai12144191d ago

apparently the 80gb has all of the features the 60gb has and more. i'm still not convinced about the 100% BC the new 80gb is supposed to have. nothing beats having the original hardware in it...

yeah, i'm glad i got a 60gb

nirun4191d ago

80 GB = 60 GB - PS2 Emotion engine + 20GB

both have 4 USB ports, both have card readers, both have chrome trim, both have SACD support, early 60 GB units also made in japan

40 GB = no sacd, 2 usb ports, no card readers, no chrome trim, no sacd support, no backwards compatability

Just so nobody else posts anything in regards to differences, i see the same spread of misinformation =\

Big Jim4191d ago

Nirun---The 40 gig has chrome trim.

ruibing4191d ago

Except the new 80GB SKU will include MGS4 and a DS3, totaling an extra value of $60 + $55 = $115. I already have a 60GB, but this is too good of a deal for anyone to pass by.

nirun4190d ago

actually there isn't a chrome trim, 40gb is a SILVER trim. the 80 gb also has another piece of chrome running on the base (under the usb ports) of the console too

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Scenarist4191d ago

Well im in luck my original reciept says 1/21/08 and i had to take my reciept in on 2/05/08 @ circuit city to get the free blu-ray remote that they offered with the ps3 in the ad...
as a result i got an updated reciept cuz they had to return and re-ring me up for a ps3 ill be taking tnis and that blu-ray remote
back to circuit city tommorow to get another ps3 and a new reciept...and i wont even opem it since i beat all my games anyway..then go and get me a white one when it comes out...and do the same thing every 25 days until the mgs4 bundle comes out ...

I hate my morals but im poor i couldnt even afford it when i bought it in the first place ..or i would simply buy a second 1

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The story is too old to be commented.