Indiana Jones PS3

Just found a little news from the Indiana Jones game shown at E3 06.Not the lego Indiana Jones...

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avacadosnorkel4193d ago

I thought Bill Murray was doing the game exclusive for 360. They had the hotdog eating contest mini-game where 360 owners could suck down wieners at a rate quicker than usual, and it gave major achievement points.

This Indiana Jones game can't compete with Meatballs

MailMan4193d ago

It's now on PC as well,and not only does it play and look BETTER,but the Online is FREE and has been working THROUGHOUT the holidays up 'til now.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

power of Green 4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

WTF?. IS that pun?. Indiana Jones is multi platform.

wAtdaFck4193d ago

I think its cause they're discussing the game on a PS3 website, so its the PS3 version.

Title is very misleading though.

SUP3R4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

PS3 lead platform?....

InMyOpinion4193d ago

The title is misleading.

Been a while since we heard anything about it.

power of Green 4193d ago

I got dissagree's for mentioning the same thing. I let it slide(reporting wrong type channel) because the post does mention PS3 only then thought to myself the only reason it was mentioned was to compare it to other PS3 titles.

The info/page was on a PS3 site, makes you wonder if the underground works like useing PSU/PS3informer-like tactics

InMyOpinion4193d ago

True indeed! I've seen forums where fanboys refer to the 360 as "the other console", not wanting to mention it's name lol! Nothing surprises me anymore.

eyeDEVOUR4193d ago

this is my first time contributing...i did not know about a 360 version. the info came from a ps3 site and it was talking about the ps3 their is know fanboy conspiracy ...i was just trying to share some news...

power of Green 4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Post Number Six is an example of the importance of not posting misleading titles.

Don't worry about if thats really the case.

You just missed members saying it was edited wrong in the comment section before it was approved?.

No one mentioned you as being at fault lol.

The comments were actually about PS3 websites misinformation and its real and the sites I mentioned are known for this where did anybody blame you?. lol

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K33GAN4193d ago

games based off of movies tend to be horrible
i'll pass

InMyOpinion4193d ago

The Indiana Jones game that was released for the Xbox was great. Lucasarts rarely disappoints, so I don't think we will be disappointed with this one. It's been in development for quite some time as well.

Gorgon4193d ago

You never played Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis, did you? Two of the best games ever made.

You see, Indy games are an exception to the crap that is a game based of a movie. Unfortunately, all Indy games after those old point-and-click adventure games where somwhat crappy. Hope Lucas redeems himself with this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.