New Army of Two Trailer HD

The more kills and destruction you cause, the more cash you earn. With your cash flowing in, players can purchase new weapons and modifications to both guns and character model.

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Harry1904007d ago

got 8.7/10 on an obscure polish site
or magazine.check it out on

YoMeViet4006d ago

I really hope this game is good because me and my bro needs a good game for us to play co-op. I myself love co-op play but not the online co-op play since our internet sucks.

Drekken4006d ago

I have no good coop games left that I haven't beat. I think I am excited about this game!

The Fungus4006d ago

Am I the only one not interested in this game AT ALL?

The idea behind it seems great, it looks fun, and every time I read about it I leave with a positive impression. Problem is, I forget about it right when I close the browser.

Anyone else?

BeaArthur4006d ago

I'm kind of with you on this one it looks cool and all I am just not at all interested in it and I don't really have a reason why.

trikster404006d ago

the constant delays for quality purposes really put a damper on the whole thing. I am NOT a big fan of EA because I think the majority of their games suck the proverbial noots. I think this was just EA's attempt to cash in on the Gears of War coop frenzy and they could really care less about quality because they think it will sell millions.
The concept is very cool, but I am definitely waiting for some user reviews before picking it up. I only want it for the coop anyway.

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