1UP Reviews Triggerheart Excelica

1UP writes: "Scrolling shooters were some of my favorite games to play in arcades back when arcades weren't as scarce as they are today. I dropped what could be considered a veritable bounty of quarters -- at least to a kid whose income came from mowing lawns -- into classics like 1942 and Metal Slug. Every now and then I still find some arcade time on a dying Neo Geo unit stuffed into the back of some pizzeria or movie theater -- but my skills, like the arcade units, have decayed. Thankfully, gamers now have access to a brand-new top-down shooter, Triggerheart: Exelica. This arcade-style gem takes traditional scrolling-shooter mechanics and adds a nuanced twist that makes it unique to the genre, creating a game that's a perfect throwback to the arcade glory days".

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