DIY Playstation 3 320GB SKU

What's interesting about this generation's consoles is how polar opposite they are. One will get something perfectly right while the other makes an outrageous blunder. Everyone can whole heartedly agree that the Xbox 360's "elite" hard drive, offering 120GB of space for $180, is a text book example of screwing the consumer.

By comparison, in Playstation 3 world $180 bucks can get you 320GB of space to fill.

Just a little something to think about if you feel the need to upgrade. Or if you haven't picked up a PS3 yet and don't care about backwards compatibility, 400 + 180 = $580 will get you your own custom built 320GB SKU, which will surely make your neighbors envious.

Bonus: Enter promo code EMCACCCBB for a quick $20 saving, making final price $159. The code *should* still work.

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Genesis54196d ago

Kind of funny considering the 360(microsoft) is the one pushing the dd's.

fenderputty4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

If you're going to push DD, then charging an arm and a leg for HDD space works out to their benifit. It works out for MS and not the consumer.

If I ever do upgrade my HDD, I'll probably just go with an external one so I can avoid the headache of transfering data and switching out the internal HDD.

Genesis54196d ago

Yeah I not big on that kind of thing either but that video really did make it look easy.

C_SoL4196d ago

I want a silver PS3 now.

MikeGdaGod4196d ago

i've done this months ago. i put a 120gb in mine and put the 60gb in an external case that i usually keep hooked up to the system.

so really, i have a 180gb ps3

deeznuts4196d ago

fenderputty, just remember, you cannot store game saves and data on the external drive. just media. but if you have a bigger sku (i.e. not 20gb) and do just game saves on the internal, you should be fine.

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wil4hire4196d ago

Christmas strikes early. I'm running out of space copying HD movies to the hdd. Predator alone is like 9 gigs

Surfman4196d ago

I start to check for more space too. My 60GB is getting pretty full with DMC 4, music, movies and PSN games.

Keowrath4196d ago

Same here. My 60GB still has 19GB left on it but I'd like to get a bigger HD in the machine for future use. And sooner rather than later, especially after the amount of stuff I keep buying and downloading from the PSN recently.

I never realised they were so cheap. Thought it was a US thing but you can pick them up from as little as £50 ($100) in the UK.

moparful994196d ago

Hehe I bought an internal 200gig hdd for my ps3 and then turned around and bought another 160 external max drive pro. I got the max drive for 30 bucks. Ohh the benefits of being a best buy employee... But anyway I formatted the drive and now it says that I have 204 gigs of storage! I was like damn I have 400gigs of storage on my ps3... Lol I love it, I even whent on a downloading blitz and transfered every jpeg, mpeg, divx, mp3, and mp4 file on my computer. I also downloaded ever video from the ps store and basically every free thing you can get on there and I've only used like 100 gigs of storage...

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The story is too old to be commented.