Media Molecule teases new game with YouTube video - "It's a Mystery"

GE: "Media Molecule is busy developing Tearaway for the PlayStaton Vita. This much we know. But the LittleBigPlanet creator is also making something else, which is being teased on the studio's website."

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Root4145d ago

Funny how the big Sony show is in like 2 weeks and now this....hmmmm

PS4 title?

THC CELL4145d ago

Lbp 3 4d can u imagine cardboard melting in water, fire can burn everything, etc

MidnytRain4145d ago

YES. Can't wait for that melting cardboard. GotY.

Just_The_Truth4145d ago

That sounds cool but all I want is it to be 3D like tear away. Also change the level selection it feels so disconnected. But the greatest thing they could do is have themed spin-offs like Lego.

DOMination-4145d ago

It won't be. The already said they're done with LBP for now. This is going to be something new.

dafegamer4144d ago

i can imagine something like super mario 64's open world in a LBP 3D adventure game

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Abash4145d ago

I hope its a new IP and another studio is handling LittleBigPlanet 3, Media Molecule are so damn creative that I cant wait to see a series they make to take advantage of the PS4

-Alpha4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

Sumo Digital is rumoured to be working on LBP3, so it could be a new IP, or at least an LBP spin off (LBP: 3D Adventure, like Sonic Adventure/Zelda/Super Mario 64 is what I'd love)

Studio-YaMi4145d ago

Wouldn't mind giving the LBP franchise a time-out till MM finish focusing on a new IP other than Tearaway of course.

Because,I don't want another studio to ruin LBP for us ..!

NastyLeftHook04145d ago

+as i sip a cup of coffee+

yup...ps4 is comin baby!

PinkFunk4145d ago

Anything they are working on I have confidence in... whether it be LBP 3 or a new IP. I'm very, very excited to see what they've been up to.

Ow.. god damn onion juice in my eyes...

Ezz20134145d ago

you sure that was onion juice ...and not tears of joy ?!:)

juandren4145d ago

I love it how 9Gag jokes have spread to N4G. My two favourite sites becoming one

Lucreto4145d ago

10 days and the following week is destination playstation.

showtimefolks4145d ago

can't wait to find out more, they have already said they are not doing LBP3 so whatever it could be i am interested, after the title they showed at gamescom, i have nothing but very high hopes

MM really follow their vision

miyamoto4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

After Tearaway...

... a full 3-D LBP titled "Little Big Planet 3-D"!

Make it happen, MM.

*fingers crossed

Sevir4145d ago

Media Molecule said they are absolutely done with the LBP franchise. I cant wait to see the game MM is working on!

Mounce4145d ago

What I can't fucking wait is like...

EVERY Internal Studio at Sony is making something for the PS4 to be fucking showcased as a launch title or a 'Soon-after' title.... The hype is building up, I cannot wait!

I just hope it's true that FFv13 moved to PS4 along with The Last Guardian and The Agency and moar!

Gamer19824144d ago

LBP3 launch title and given away with console? I mean its about time Sony started giving a free game with consoles it helps promote the power of it and helps justify the price a little bit. Plus with millions of copies sold day 1 theres gonna be some sick custom levels.

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Sandmano4145d ago

These are exciting times my friends, exciting times...

parkerpeters4145d ago

I am guessing it is either a new fighting game, or a more open dev kit style game like LBP.

Hayabusa 1174144d ago

That's what I thought. I think he's saying that because the founders made Rag-doll Kung Fu.

parkerpeters4144d ago

I am guessing MM are tired of LBP and everything that comes with it. I think their next move would be a new fighting IP that they can polish more than Ragdoll Kung Fu because they have the assets to do so now. That is just my guess.

OmniSlashPT4145d ago

Man everyone has been talking about Guerrila, ND, QD and Sony Santa Monica and no one remembered MM. And you know a game coming out from this guys must be good. Cant wait.

blackmamba7074145d ago

in order to get successful PS4 start we need 2 strong titles for launch - one that everyone will go for (that being Killzone 4) and second more casual stuff I guess - Littlebigplanet 3 would be ideal ; and for EU launch (in march probably) 1 more strong addition with new Motorstorm

that's my ideal (and realistic) lineup

parkerpeters4145d ago

I want to say something rude, but you are right. Little Big Planet is very casual on the surface. It is really a deep and "hardcore" faux-dev kit in its guts though. Wish more people would use it accordingly.

blackmamba7074145d ago

yeah LBP can be -core game when it wants, but it's pretty easy to grasp and accessible, something my stupid sister can play from the get go, title like that is needed defo

we'll probably see some Move titles too, or maybe this one is a game dedicated for Move