Hands-on GTA IV Previews are Live

The latest -- and eagerly anticipated -- previews have finally landed! As has been saying for a few days now, Kikizo, IGN, CVG, GameSpy, 1UP, Team XBox and Gamespot (amongst others) were all treated to yet another exclusive look at Grand Theft Auto IV.

Read the whole story for a summary of the new stuff and links to all the latest previews.

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deepujatt20054006d ago

how about some gameplay.

thats wat and all i want.

Slayer OP4006d ago

Well why would they do that? Then game devs could steal their revolutionairy new game interface before it even released.

G1L4006d ago

Hmmmm, no PS3 version tested once again?!
I would also like to see some screenies from both versions properly identified....

biomajor094006d ago

Read the IGN preview, they played both the PS3 version and the xbox 360 version.

Gamingshouldbefun4006d ago

graphics are kinda bad but for gta they dont matter that much tbh. its all about shooting people and making biggest mess lol.
its shame they sold their soles for 50mil but nobody is perfect haha

I wont rush to buy it on first day but sooner or later I get it for sure, its just not something I wanna miss out.

Yi-Long4006d ago

... subtitles will be available in the game, which is a HUGE plus. Even for english-speaking people, I feel subtitles can often come in handy. Every game should have subs as an option.