I'm the Idiot Who Bought an HD-DVD Player

Toshiba finally mercy-killed its HD-DVD format last week, ending a drawn-out fight with Sony's Blu-ray for high-definition disc supremacy. The format's demise has brought HD-DVD owners untold humiliation: reams of newspaper stories comparing them to the losers of yore who bought into Betamax and LaserDisc, the sad sight of desperate early adopters peddling brand-new players on Craigslist, and, worst of all, a Web site celebrating the similarities between HD-DVD and Hillary Clinton.

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Maddens Raiders4195d ago

sounds like he's too cheap for his own good.

lodossrage4195d ago

That's what the HD DVD camp was banking on. The motto was "the cheaper it is, the more people will buy it"

But this is a possible fate for ALL early adopters of any electronics.

The only thing I dislike is that he talks about Sony paying warner bros of to join and being underhanded. Warner Bros. has said MANY times they weren't paid off.

Yet the person that wrote this article neglects the fact that Toshiba and MS paid Paramount to join THEIR side. And unlike Warner Bros., Paramount DIDN'T deny that fact.

sonarus4195d ago

yes you are the idiot. I find it hard to pity these guys. They knew they had been loosing. Why not bail out of the sinking ship when you had your chance. Why not return your hd-dvd players before toshiba made formal announcements. They knew it was coming but they sat there crossing fingers.

TheTwelve4195d ago

Well, written and hilarious article. Too bad he still won't go Blu in the end, and wants digital downloads to take over. Seems he still can't learn...

Anyway, it was a fun read...


BenderDGreat824195d ago

I agree with the posts above. I think the HD-DVD people saw the public as idiots and that the next gen in entertainment will win as long as it's cheap. but people are smarter than that. the public read the specs on blu-ray vs hd-dvd. they knew that hd-dvd was incredibly limited while blu-ray is working on a 100gb and even a 200gb disk capacity. in the long run, people don't want to upgrade to next-generation in 4 or 5 years...they wanted something, like DVD's, that will be around for about 10 years.

mikeslemonade4194d ago

People simply didn't do their research. They saw it cheaper and it had a larger install base at the time because HD-DVD came out first. All they cared about was what's happening then. They don't take into the consideration about what's going to happen.

hades074194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

If consumers did their research they would find out that minus slightly lower storage, that overall it was a better format for consumers whilst blu-ray is a better format for the corporations, and in this war the corporations won.

Hd-dvd lacked any region codes, all players have internet access to upgrade firmware, and the first batch of Hd-dvd players were capable of the same features as the new players. Blu-ray has more restricted DRM, is region coded, early Blu-ray players lack features of newer blu-ray players with Sony continiously upgrading the profiles, some players do not have internet access to upgrade their firmware, and some older players cannot even upgrade their profiles to play newer movies. With Hd-dvd, no matter what player you had you could play all Hd-dvd movies.

The reason I believe Blu-ray won is because of the Trojan horse, the PS3. The larger the PS3 install base, the more people who technically have a Blu-ray player, though in theory not all of them may use it as a blu-ray player at all. I think the format war would tell a different story if Hd-dvd came installed on the Xbox 360. With cheaper stand alone players and a 18 million installed base if it was built into the 360, I think the format could have won it if had the full backing of Microsoft.

LJWooly4194d ago

As far as I know, all Blu-Rays are not region-encoded, but I'm not sure about HD-DVD.
Blu Ray has the player with the most capable firmware update possibilities, the PS3.

From a technical point of view, there was basically no advantage to HD-DVD. That's the reason it lost.

godofthunder104194d ago

hell i'm going to buy 2 of them because a cheap dvd player that upgrade dvds to 1080 isn't as good as the ones in the hd players.what i'm saying is that it's a good deal just to buy hd dvd players to upgrade their dvds instear of paying more for a player that does that isn't as good as the hd dvd p[layer.

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chester4195d ago

"The bad guy won at the end by clocking the lovable underdog in the crotch with a baseball bat."

great line.....

ravinash4194d ago

I suppose it all depend on which side your on to who you think the bad guy was.
Truth of the matter was, there was no good or bad guy....just two big companies using different strategies to make their product win out.
And the best product won!

games4fun4195d ago

the title alone made me laugh

SSCOOLCHEA4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

seriously he is not actually saying this , tell me he is not saying this...please tell me....It would be better if you just kept your comments to yourself because not even your fellow XBOT can help you here....LOL..LOL..LAUGH EVERYBODY


ATLRoAcH4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

...that still makes me laugh.I still have Terminator 1 & 2 on LaserDisc from when I was a kid.They were just a big a$$ CD.A huge CD you had to flip halfway into a movie.You could make a coffee table out of one.

Gina-get-u4195d ago

Don't laugh. I still have my Pioneer CL-D705. At least that model flips the disc for you. And Pioneer supported the format until just maybe 2-3 years ago.

MadMax4194d ago

Personally i will keep my HD addon for the simple fact that it is region free and will play all my pal dvds and tons of others. I am glad i bought it and have no regrets whatsoever. My PS3 wont play pal or different region dvds and regular dvds dont seem to look as good on the PS3. Not to mention batman begins and king kong and a few others are only on HD so no way will i get rid of it. I will get one of those dvd upscalers though, so you can watch all your regular dvds in 720p,1080i and 1080p. Ive also got a handfull of Blueray movies too, but that will prolly sink as well. In the meantime i will stick with regular dvds, the selection is just way to big and movies arent that important to me as the games are so who cares already. I want games for my PS3 not movies and that doesnt seem to be happening yet. For now i will continue to buy games for my 360 and Wii.

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