Boomtown: Wii Zapper Review

There's a mini-avalanche of Zapper games coming out for the Wii, now the spiritual home of such things it would seem. Somewhere, the ghost of Duck Hunt is nodding a sage "I told you so"… More Zapper games of the quality of Umbrella Chronicles and Link's Crossbow Training, less of the lack of quality of Ghost Squad (House of the Dead compilation, consider yourself warned), will see the Zapper remain an active member of the Wii controller family - and not be relegated to the dusty loft any time soon.

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IamTheStorm814193d ago

I got the Zapper about a week ago, and I'm loving it so far. Admittedly I've only used it for Link's Crossbow Training, but I really enjoy it.

I'll be getting Resident Evil: UC soon, and I can't wait to try the Zapper with it.

I only paid $20 for it on Amazon, with no tax and free shipping. A comfortable shell for your Wiimote and Nunchuk, with a great game to boot.

I say, good deal!