First Wasteland 2 Gameplay Video

Gameplay for InXile upcoming release funded by kickstarter

lashes2ashes3948d ago

Looks really good. I'm not a pc gamer but I will keep a eye out for this. So want a fallout/fallout 2 remake with some of those gameplay tweaks.

SolidStoner3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

ohh, this looks soo like old Fallout games with new engine... epic... 100% buy for me!

this is what current gen is missing!!

MuhammadJA3947d ago

lol that's a video not a picture.

Mikefizzled3947d ago

The word gameplay is spelt wrong in the title on N4G

Zichu3947d ago

Looks interesting. Will keep my eye on any more videos and will most likely turn out to be a day one purchase for me.

hano3947d ago

Who put this as a PS3 and 360 related news?

This is a PC exclusive baby...eat your hearts out.

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Unknown_Gamer57941005d ago

I do think handhelds are great for classic-style games, so why not CRPGs? The Switch is definitely ideal for that.


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MadLad1309d ago

Well, I highly recommend Kingdom Come: Deliverence, and Planescape Torment, if you have an Xbox.

The first being one of the freshest, most in-depth open world RPGs I've played in a long time. Just a great game in general. Planescape Torment is simply a classic, with amazing writing, great character progression that actually affects the world, and a lot of player agency on how you tackle things. You also get Icewind Dale. Also a great game, but not nearly as good, in my opinion.

Doesn't seem to be a lot of good games offering the sale for the PS4, unfortunately.


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Black-Helghast1316d ago

I'm gonna have to start staying away from these type of articles since there's always a chance I'll buy at least 2 games and in the current state that the world is in, I'm about to be a father so i gotta prioritize my son but goddamn I'd buy at least 5 games from this list.

1316d ago
GameStallion1316d ago

Mutant Year Zero (shown), is a good little game if you like Xcom style combat.