No Doubt, Guitar Hero Needs To Catch Up

Chud writes:
The company is barely managing to release three songs a month (hope you grabbed the free copy of Aerosmith's 'Dream On' last weekend; I forgot to) while Harmonix is has consistently dropped three tracks a week since Rock Band bowed.

Does the public want one big release every year or more content spread across the calendar, even if that means they pay more in the long run?

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Mr_Kuwabara4194d ago

Activison doesn't seem to want to give DLC but let us gamers buy a new game altogether.

As long as they could at least give me some "Master of Puppets", "Call of Ktulu" then "Nothing Else Matters" really. =P

IzKyD13314194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

i always thought it was dumb that rockband has so much DLC and guitar hero has so little, Guitar hero 3 outsells rockband by a HELL of alot, that would mean more people would buy GH DLC, but my guess is that they want as many people as they can to buy guitar hero aerosmith since so many people want new songs, also, i think rockband has so much DLC because their isnt gonna be a rockband 2 until a long time, so they want to satisfy those people who spent 160+ on it

games4fun4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

am going to buy rockband next week everyone should its a great game and you can learn how to play the drums a little bit. Plus it is way better with your friends instead of just two people.

i think this is relevant because GH needs to catch up in song dlc instead of releasing a new game over and over which rockband has done in spades

PSWe604194d ago

The lack of DLC doesn't bother me, but No Doubt? What a pile. Com'on...why not just provide some Yoko Ono songs while you're at it?

xplosneer4194d ago

Not this crap. If they give us DLC integrated and release a disc later on with a compile for people who don't have internet, fine. But WHO wants to switch coming on 5 discs now every time they want to play a different song?

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