Video of the Halo 2 Beta for the Xbox 1

Past to Present Online recently went hands-on with the old Halo 2 beta, featuring the mongoose, saved films, and more, all still intact! This is not a modification of any kind, rather, it's an actual beta version.

Link works fine guys, just give it time to load. Lots of traffic = slower then it should be

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SplaT4193d ago

so basicly all the halo 3 features are left overs from halo 2?

Silellak4193d ago

This isn't nearly as unsual as you might think.

Features and ideas are scrapped all the time because of a lack of time, money, or both. Doesn't necessarily mean they were bad ideas or features, though, so if a sequel comes around, that's a great time to take another look at them.

In Halo 2's case, it was almost infamously rushed, so I'd guess it was a lack of time to implement properly. Just because a feature made it to beta doesn't mean the feature *worked*.

VirusE4193d ago

No actually halo 3 is the second half of halo 2. Halo 2 dev time got out of control and they had to cut nearly half the game.

Borman4193d ago

Yeah, a lot of the ideas in this beta can be found within the final Halo 3. Theres also some game modes I didnt cover yet, but thats for another time.

toughNAME4193d ago

all these features are only available in Halo 3? What have all the other developers been doing for the past 4 years?

kevanio094193d ago

these features were removed due to time concerns as halo 2 was rushed, whereas halo 3 had more time to perfect everything and do all the things they tried to do with halo 2

N73604193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Very Very old. Seen these a long time ago still sweet to see it up

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