GDC 2008: Battlefield: Bad Company Producer Interview

GameTrailers get the inside scoop on the differences between this game and its predecessor.

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Lygre4190d ago

At first I didn't like the concept of a Battlefield game with a singleplayer part, but lately I've been more interested in the game. It does have the potential to be a good game, but it might be "forgoten" by alot of people if it's multiplayer isn't close to COD4's.

Bad Company aims at the same audience as COD4's I think, so DICE has one heck of a job to do if they want the game to be successful. I don't think that it'll be as popular as Halo 3 and COD4 on the 360, but I hope that BC does well. And if they make the destruction part really well, it might be end of people camping in houses and such...but they always have the grass to hide in, damn campers... =P

One thing I still am a bit skeptical about is the way that they are trying to be funny all the time in the singleplayer. When they release a video about the singleplayer, it's always some character telling a "fun" story or saying something "funny". Almost like the Army of Two trailers...always a not so funny joke here and there. I just hope that DICE doesn't try to be too funny...but by all means...if the game tourns out to have nice humor, that would be great, just don't overdo it..that's what I'm saying.

Looking forward to the game all the same.

roslindros4190d ago

Wow is it just me or is there a ton of screan tearing in that video hope the spend time polishing and get V-sync on and the game running at 60 fps I mean after cod4 anything less just feel wrong

mightydog014190d ago

yeah i notice screen tearing hop they sort it out cause its looking good so far and that will spoil it if they dont sort it out