Call of Duty 3 Comparison

Activision shows off a number of levels from all three next-gen versions of its WWII sequel, and Gamespot grabbed the controls to compare them all.

"It's worth noting that the 360 and PS3 versions are identical in terms of content; the only difference we noticed is that you can thrust with the sixaxis controller on the PS3 to make your character do his melee attack (though you can still use the button if you want). The games looked quite similar, too, from what we could tell. The level of detail in the maps and characters has been noticeably ramped up from Call of Duty 2, such as with the aforementioned individual grass blades and rays of light filtering through the trees. The characters' facial expressions, clothing, and animations are also appreciably more realistic than in the past. You'd be hard pressed to say which version looks better, especially since they're both running in 720p resolution, but neither one is a slouch in the visual department.

The Wii version, as it turns out, is content-identical to the 360 and PS3 versions, for the most part. It's reasonable to expect that the relatively weaker system will have fewer enemies and simplified geometry in some parts, but in terms of storyline, basic level design, and so on, you're getting the same game across all three platforms. The Wii version naturally doesn't feature the extreme detail of the other versions, but it does play much like we're coming to expect first-person shooters to play on this unique new platform. Like Metroid Prime 3 and Red Steel, COD3 has you using the remote for fine aiming, and moving the cursor to the edges of the screen will make you turn. The analog stick on the nunchuk makes you move, and the various other buttons of the Wii's controllers let you perform other actions like ducking, jumping, and going to iron sights."

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"Taken from Games Radar, from Edge magazine:

Further to the Edge comments this month about how much better Call Of Duty 3 looks on 360 in comparison to the PS3 version, I noticed this in GamesTM this month On Rainbow Six Vegas….. "

lalaland6489d ago

At GamesRadar their preview of CoD3 states:

"PlayStation 3 was in full force, looking just as good as the Xbox 360 version at this point."

I haven't read Edge magazine, but it could very well be an older version they've seen and tested, since magazines have long production and distribution times.

So far I have seen three previews online state the PS3 and X360 versions are at this point visually on par.

For now not a single up-to-date preview of a crossplatform game state the X360 version looks better, while several state the PS3 versions look just a bit better -- and sometimes in four-times the resolution as well (1080p).

USMChardcharger6489d ago (Edited 6489d ago )

hell, from this article too...

"We spent the most time with the Xbox 360 demo and felt that it showcased Call of Duty 3's wider and busier levels most prominently."

they also only got to sample online play with the 360 version. i wonder why? i would have liked to have heard comparrisons in that field too.
so they put vehicles back in. they took them out for CoD2...should make some crazy moments.

bizzy126489d ago

i will be getting the 360 version becouse of live and my friend will get smash so sony fan boy dont hate we have a proven on line service and you dont.no word on your on line service and the game comes out next month.i wounder why do you even have one.plus adchievement.i wouldent beat the game on vetren if it wasent for that.

OutpostCommand6489d ago

I find it very difficult to comprehend what you are trying to put across.

USMChardcharger6489d ago (Edited 6489d ago )

I am an older gamer and find myself playing games now on the hardest level for some reason. i guess i feel more rewarded (never use cheats either like i did when i was 12)...plus you get to see some really great A.I. @ work (like in CoD2)

but you are right those achievements give you a reason to push on through even harder.

by the way...i only understood your last sentence...so that is what i am commenting on.

power of Green 6489d ago

What happend to the other/real story.

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All Call of Duty Games Ranked from Worst to Best

BLG writes: "Call of Duty has to be the most recognizable franchise on the planet. They didn’t get that way by only making a handful of games.

COD has a long and storied career. Launching as a PC WW2 first-person shooter, Call of Duty has gone through numerous makeovers and been on just about every system. The series has gone through some serious highs and tragic lows. I’ll be looking at each Call of Duty game, the good the bad, and the ugly."

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UnSelf879d ago

Vanguard better be at the fkn bottom. Can’t believe ppl haven’t eviscerated that game with all its lacking

Minimoth879d ago

Yeah, it's close to the bottom. There are a couple of worse ones. Infinite Warfare definitely deserves its place.

KyRo879d ago

There's a number a lot worse than Vangaurd. It's also a lot better than that car crash Treyarch released before it.

XbladeTeddy879d ago

World at War is my favourite. Didn't know the N-Gage had a Call of Duty.

MadLad879d ago

Same for me.
I was never huge into Call of Duty, but I sunk a lot of time into WaW.
Both the campaign and the multiplayer are on point. Wouldn't mind a remaster.

I quit on CoD for a long while. Though I'm the odd man out that actually really enjoyed the campaign for WWII, being I got it through Humble monthly way back when.

TheLigX879d ago

I really enjoyed the Infinite campaign. Multiplayer... not so much.

Yppupdam879d ago

I agree, The Infinite campaign feels more like it's own thing that they slapped the CoD name on. If it stood on it's own, (sans the CoD name) I think it could have been it's own scifi franchise. And a damn good looking game, to boot. I never bothered to play the multiplayer.