Neverwinter Character Creation Video

Character Creation and customization are in most people's top 5 lists for things that need to be included in any great MMO. Cryptic does not disappoint with their latest outing, Neverwinter.

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washednblood2439d ago

That is looking good, there are almost too many options!

Grayn2439d ago

Character creation definitely has a D&D feel.

xseven2439d ago

Complete with dice rolling sound effects! Haha

thorstein2439d ago

I want to play as the "Coming Soon" Race. What would the attributes to those characters be?

I imagine they have very high libidos, but that would go without saying. They seemed to have some strange affinity to cowls. And if it's fantasy AND cowls, then that means magic!

Echel0n2439d ago

This is a very well done, polished experience so far. Can't believe how good it is.

Now if they would just release The Foundry, I'd be happy.

xseven2439d ago

I'm going to lose so much of my life to the Foundry

Julie2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Is it as good as NWN2? i am abit confused, i shall use google! :)


Wormwood2439d ago

Really liking this, but I do really want to see a greater number of races and classes. This is D&D! I need to be able to play a Half-Orc Bard/Barbarian Multiclass!

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