PlayStation All-Stars Will Have Future DLC

PlayStation Euphoria Writes: "Recently, a rumor had spread stating that future Downloadable Content for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will not be seeing the light of day. The rumor is based on a cancellation of planned DLC for the character Abe from the PlayStation classic, Abe’s Oddssey. Recent tweet’s however indicated that while SuperBot isn’t involved with All-Stars anymore does not mean that the game won’t be supported post Kat and Emmet. Here are a couple of tweets between fans, Santa Monica, and SuperBot."

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Root3387d ago

Yeah we'll see but I'm getting a feeling that they won't put much effort into it with how much they've already got going on, especially with the PS4 on it's way.

I bet we don't get many good characters we actually want

chrispseuphoria3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Santa Monica is interested in hiring people from the studios which got laid off by THQ (Vigil Games) and Seth Killian, who has a deep connection to fighting games, is working at the studio. I'm sure Santa Monica have enough people and talent to cover All Stars.

Donnieboi3387d ago

Any news on if they'll hire Omar Kendall? The dude helped make PSASBR so balanced and fun (which is difficult for a 4 player fighting game).

andrewf913387d ago

@DonnieBoi, unsure of that at the moment. All we know is that he's still with SuperBot.

badz1493387d ago

but the DLC is still not there on PSN! I am waiting for the DLC myself but how will it works? will it works for both PS3 and Vita version or they need to be bought separately?

TheLastGuardian3387d ago

It's a free DLC pack for both the PS3 and Vita versions. I think DLC for all cross-buy titles will always be one purchase for both versions.

I'm glad to hear there will be more DLC. I'm still bummed about Abe though. That would've been an awesome, classic character.

Prodigy-X3387d ago

I knew the rumor was fake.

Gridloc3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

I thought everything on the Internet was fact. Next thing you'll tell me is that there is no Santa Clause...

Reverent3387d ago

Nah, Santa Clause is real... But Slash isn't.

pr0t0typeknuckles3387d ago

so we still have a chance to see crash

Games4M - Rob3387d ago

You will never see Crash in this game because Crash is now owned by Activision

Reverent3387d ago

Activision is still considering letting them use him... It's very possible.

Killzoner993387d ago

Hell yah ! It's funny , I don't ever remember Smash Bros. getting any DLC. lol. That's why Playstation All Stars is the better game. Sony supports it's games after launch. Nintendon't. It's pretty much a guarantee they'll be adding Crash , Spyro and a Final Fantasy rep because they are the most requested characters. I've also heard rumors of a Classic Dante skin. I don't know how you perfect perfection but if anyone can do it , Sony Santa Monica can.

Capt-FuzzyPants3387d ago

As much as I love Sony, I still cringe at the amount of fanboyism some people have. This game was good, but it definitely wasn't perfect, whether you compare it to SSB or not.

chrispseuphoria3387d ago

I don't think Smash Bros or All Stars trump each other. I both find them fun. DLC doesn't make the game better, it lengthens its timespan.

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