Confirmed: Initial D For PS3 - First Images Inside

We reported a few days ago that the next installment of the Initial D racing series could be headed for the PlayStation 3, however it was only a rumour at the time.

Now a Japanese magazine has confirmed the existence of the title, as well as revealing the very first images of the game in action.

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Relcom4013d ago

I think i'll wait for more info from it before i declare it day one.

Graphics look good non-the-less

decapitator4013d ago

Favorite arcade game make it to my default console. Awesome.

*looks at his PS3 and shakes his head and smiles*

rofldings4013d ago

Damn! I love ID, day one for me too.

HarryEtTubMan4013d ago

another PS3 Exclusive to add to the gorwing list. Their are SO MANY we dont even know about

pwnsause4013d ago

yea, back on the 86 again

novaIS3504013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

But for seriously, I am a huge initialD geek. Akina Speed Stars FTW! I could care less if the graphics are good or not, if it looke anything like the Anime, I'm sold. I can only imagine what the home portal for this game would look like? Maybe a gas station, garage, mt. fujiyama?

pwnsause4013d ago

yea, its drift racing, based on the anime "initial D", if you like cars, watch this show, its awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.