Why Final Fantasy VII Doesn’t Need a Remake

It seems that no matter how much time passes, the idea that Square Enix need to remake Final Fantasy VII persists. Ever since they showed that infamous PlayStation 3 Tech Demo at E3 in 2005, Square have had to deal with constant fan demand for a remake of one of history’s most beloved RPG’s. There’s just one problem: Final Fantasy VII doesn’t need a remake, and this is why.

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Godmars2903948d ago

Because the Square being asked to do it are talentless, exploitative hacks?

And no, I don't know how to fix the series much less the company that makes it.

zerocrossing3948d ago

Could you even imagine what a FFVII remake would look like if developed by the Squenix of today?... *shudders*

Godmars2903948d ago

Meh, might have been too harsh in calling them hacks, really consider them, the dev teams, to be overwhelmed with the demands of HD then again making an a single-system title multiplatform midway through its production, but the way and the lengths management went to cover their tracks, issues promoting the PS3 version as the 360 one, that and more drags the company as a whole down to hack level.

iamtehpwn3948d ago

Let's get one thing straight:

Square Enix is not talentless at all, Toriyama is just a really bad game designer for the main series. The Company itself still has LOTS of great talent...Unfortunately they're being lead by a guy who doesn't know what he's doing. He's not terrible, a lot of these he's come up were fun and original ideas like Dress Spheres and Catching monsters in XIII-2, but these aren't ideas that should be in mainstream FF titles.

Nomura, Tabata and Ito are all still at square, very talented, should be leading the series, not Toriyama.

Godmars2903948d ago

That kind of blind loyalty needs to stop. Nomura and the others may still be at Square, but throughout this gen its meant little to nothing. Some are still holding out hope for Versus, but its two years shy of being another Duke Nukem. Could become a worse example for being in production hell for not changing hands.

And really; what's the point of noting things which are not a part of FF, not actually good things, as if they were?

NukaCola3948d ago

One thing I miss of older games is static camera design. If the remastered the game, I wouldn't change the camera at all. I love the angles of FF and Resident Evil games on PS1. I do not want TPS controls at all, but this is just a nostalgic feature we don't see often. In most recent years, God of War still does camera work the best IMO.

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wishingW3L3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

in its current state FF7 is literally unplayable to newcomers and to those that don't have their nostalgia goggles anymore. The game aged really bad....

Lord_Sloth3948d ago

I don't care about a remake, I just want them to finish the Genesis saga.

hellkitten3948d ago

Until I changed my PC 2 years ago I still had the FFVII PC version on my desktop so yeah I would agree that it's still quite playable today except that the graphics have aged a lot. Nonetheless I would prefer that Squenix leave it alone. I'm scared they might ruin it if they do a "remale." A graphical update (updating graphics but leaving the old school gameplay alone) would be okay.

3948d ago
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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is Gonna Be a Blast | COGconnected

COGconnected writes: I've only played Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for an hour and couldn't be more excited to play the full game.

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Barlos45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I have it pre ordered and it does look great but SE really have to get that framerate sorted. The TGS demo looked like it needed some work. A stable 60 in performance mode would be perfect, and a step up from FFXVI.

Rutaprkl44d ago

Just finished FF7 Remake yesterday for the first time, game was pretty awesome. I really hope the side quests will be better, they were meh in FF7R. And that Jenova fight, holy moly that was epic and the music.. Super hyped for Rebirth.


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gold_drake51d ago

ooo nice, those are the OG models too!

Knightofelemia51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Have to grab Aerith would love to see Yuna, Rinoa, and Elly from Xenogears.

Hofstaderman50d ago

I think there was a xenogears release with Fei and Elly about a year or two ago.

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