Dead Space 3, First 10 Mins: Single Player vs Co-Op

Dead Space 3 released yesterday and as most fans of the franchise know, the game features a Co-Op mode for the first time. While fans have been criticizing this addition, there are some unique features to it that I think sets this Co-Op mode apart from others. To show the differences between the two modes, Vivid Gamer has put together two gameplay videos from the first 10-15 minutes of Dead Space 3. Even in the first chapter you already start to see the differences.

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Jamesmanguyperson2447d ago

Game is fun but doesn't seem to be too scary in coop..

konnerbllb2447d ago

That's the point of the coop mode

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2446d ago

The game isn't scary in general. The killed off the horror which also killed this franchise.

chukamachine2446d ago

I don't think they killed the horror, it's just expected now. You know what's coming.

That's the reason a lot of the time games get rebooted.

I'm enjoying deadspace3 on pc and i'm happy to report if you turn off v-sync, it's so smooth. I'm maxed 1080 @

I also just completed DMC and really enjoyed that as well.