5 forgotten games that should return next-gen

MMGN: I'm sure we've all seen the various opinion pieces regarding classic franchises we'd love to see make a return (I'm guilty of this), but as much as I'd love to see Crash Bandicoot and co. return, it's getting a little old. This generation has seen a ton of new and unforgettable franchises born - but as is the circle of life, some fall by the wayside. But do they all deserve such a cruel fate? Let's take a look at five games we haven't heard anything about since earlier this gen, that should make an appearance on next-gen consoles:

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Breadcrab2446d ago

Definitely agree with Mirror's Edge and Heavenly Sword. Diamonds in the rough that could use a second chance.

Yi-Long2446d ago

... still the greatest rally-racing game.

deSSy27242446d ago

Isnt Mirrors Edge 2 confirmed for current gen?

DarkBlood2446d ago

i think so? i dont really remeber could be next gen if they only just begun working on it now though

UnholyLight2445d ago

Yeah pretty sure DICE said it was in the works a while ago when they were talking about the BF 4 beta coming to people who got MoH special editions or somethin like that

2446d ago
Tyre2446d ago

The Reason...was a ignorant mistake, they are some of the best games this gen and will return for certain next gen(at least Mirror's Edge).

FamilyGuy2446d ago

I didn't like the comic style cut-scenes/story progression in Folklore but I did like the game itself. It was like Jade Cocoon, pokemon and the recently released Ni No Kuni.

To have a sequel it would have to be a lot more open with side quest/exploration and more enhanceable statistic than before to even stand a chance compared to the games we see now. More content would have made this game better and be looked to for a sequel had it been more packed back then.

Fel082446d ago

Heavenly Sword is definitely on my Top 3 games that needs to comeback. The first one was great.

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The story is too old to be commented.