64% of online gamers are female

According to a new study released earlier this week by Nielsen Entertainment, women make up 64% of North America's 117 milion online gamers..

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power of Green 5901d ago

I know this fist hand i got my ass kicked by some chicks last night in Test Drive(Coolest arcade racer ever). Wemen are more social then men.

Dante15900d ago

Who gives a rats a*s about this, unless you are a little nerd who is confused about what is reality and what is fiction, who just playes Doa volleyball, which i must say is a really lame game, no offence to women gamers, but if this article has anything to do with women right sand stuff, i'm just gonna laugh my head off, because no one could give a rats a*s, i bet some womens right campainger was all offended by the gamming industry because it's apparently more of a guy thing , please get real.

Schmitty075900d ago

I rarely run into them online.

unleash bass5900d ago

If this true, then where are all the sexy chicks?

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