Little Deviants Currently Free For PS Vita

Little Deviants (7/10) is currently free on the PlayStation Store for European PS Vita owners. It was previously £11.99 (or your currency of choice) but unannounced now appears to be free of charge.

There was a demo previously available with an unlock required, but it’s the unlock that’s currently free. It certainly doesn’t look like a mistake.

Developers BigBig were closed by Sony last year, just before the game was released.


The price is now showing as £6.99.

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SandWitch3100d ago

It's not free on the UK store (about £6) and demo is replaced with full game for some reason. Probably it was just a mistake

Lulz_Boat3100d ago

not free in Italian store.

abzdine3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

no it is not, i just checked it out! it costs 8,99€
check your sources before writing BS!

Prophet1123100d ago

The PSN store did have Little Deviants Game Unlock for free earlier. It has obviously been corrected now.
I just need to install it now and see if it works.

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