Five Space Horror Games Better Than Dead Space 3

Allistair Pinsof: ''By now, you may have heard the inarguable, absolute truth -- as is the case with Destructoid's reviews that are handed down from the maker to our holy reviewers -- that Dead Space 3 is not as great as the first two games.

Being the case, throwing a temper tantrum and spamming EA's Facebook with inflammatory comments is understandable, but why not do something more productive, like play five other space-horror classics instead?''

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Lisica3021d ago

This is nice, but most of these are prehistoric games.
I can't go back that far now...

Psychotica3021d ago

I am an old timer and I can't go back and play those either..

t0mmyb0y3021d ago

Metroid is a horror? That's news to me.

helghast1023021d ago

I suppose when you compare it to the horror games of this generation you can squeeze it under that genre.

t0mmyb0y3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

"No... no... no." Ms Consuela

IaMs123021d ago

Apparently compared to Dead Space 3 now it is.

Urusernamesucks3021d ago

Horror? thats nothing

Suspense now thats what counts

Bimkoblerutso3021d ago

Dear Destructoid:

Your mobile site is atrocious.

That is all.

madpuppy3021d ago

I'm sorry, System Shock 2 is the best space horror game I have ever played, I would love if they revisited/remade that game.
the game is a masterpiece.

madpuppy3017d ago

hurp, durp I guess someone is too young to have played it.