PS Vita birthday sale starts this week

PlayStation Vita celebrates its first year anniversary this month and what better way to celebrate than with a range of game discounts on PlayStation Store?

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Neo Nugget3058d ago

Aw, EU only.

Oh well. I have most of those already ^^ Keep chuggin' along, little Vita!

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DivineAssault 3058d ago

someone lost a bet to me.. $100 bet that vitas price would drop before a year like 3DS did & it hasnt.. I win & will use that money to buy more vita titles starting off with rayman origins since its on sale for vitas bday..

MasterCornholio3058d ago

Even if Sony wanted to they couldn't lower the price any further given the fact that they are already selling the Vita at a loss. This isn't the same case with Nintendo since they had a massive profit margin on the 3DS in the beginning.

Sony is having some economic problems and reducing the price of a good that they are already loosing money on isn't going to help their situation.

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DivineAssault 3058d ago

maybe but sony is far from being in the economic trouble that people assume it to be.. They arent making as much as they used to for sure but theyre still in the top 100 of fortune 500 companies.. Im sure vita will get a price cut this year despite it selling at a loss.. The tech will be cheaper so they will drop it by at least 10%

Vaedur3058d ago

I read the teardown when it was released and it's about 150 dollars to create a vita. So they have wiggle room, hence the bundles at the same price as the wifi vita itself. They don't want to cut the price, it's not that they can't. Nice try.

porkChop3058d ago

@Vaedur The Vita costs Sony around $280 to produce, and they have to sell them cheaper to retailers so the retailer can make their money. They're losing quite a bit of money on each Vita. Not sure how anyone came to the conclusion of $150, that's complete bullshit. Sony releases every system at a loss and makes the money back on software.

Ulf3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

The 3DS released at an outrageous, profitable price, so Nintendo could afford a price cut early.

The Vita released at-cost, or even a little under cost. Sony would be fools to make a price cut. It's an outrageously powerful piece of hardware -- way smaller than an iPad 3, but with more GPU muscle and a battery that will outlast the iPad (during gaming) -- all crammed into that little case.

People who think $250 is not a steal for that device are completely disconnected from the reality of mobile tech.

I got my 3DS on sale for $140... and it still hasn't been worth it. I bought my Vita at full price... worth every penny -- I moved my entire PSP (and most of my PS1) RPG library to it, after selling the UMD versions of the games on eBay. It is an absolutely unbeatable mobile RPG device.

Sharius3058d ago

if tey release thism sale on US store, the only game i want is "army corp of hell"

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paddystan3058d ago

i f I buy All-Stars Battle Royale on Vita, will I get the PS3 version to or does the croosbuy only work when you buy the PS3 version?

Raiz3058d ago

yes cross-buy works only when you buy PS3 version of PS All Stars Battle Royale.........

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