The Weakest Enemies from The Elder Scrolls Series

The Elder Scrolls games are epic and a contributing factor to said epicness(?) is the enemies that you encounter throughout Bethesda’s lovingly crafted worlds. However, it’s not all Giants, Daedra & Dragons. There is a lighter side to the enemies of Tamriel.

Join us as we look at the Weakest Enemies from The Elder Scrolls Series.

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brish2447d ago

The article missed dragons in skyrim.

Dragon encounters are leveled with the player so you're always strong enough to fight them.

I only played on master difficulty and they never seemed like much of a threat.

GuyThatPlaysGames2447d ago

True. I think I'm only a level 45 and it only takes 2-3 arrows to drop a dragon. As far as weakest goes, it's definitely mudcrab, skeever and spider.

Zha1tan2447d ago

The elder scrolls series has never been about difficulty....they have always been about exploration not putting on your try hard pants gloating about how master difficulty is not a challenge.

brish2447d ago

Umm, what?

I experienced the following playing as a pure mage on master difficulty in skyrim.

Frost trolls were practically immortal until I leveled enough to do some serious damage. It took a while before I could hurt them faster than they could heal. For the longest time seeing a frost troll meant running away.

Bandit chefs were scary things to fight at level 10. They could use a power attack and one hit kill me on master.

Saber tooth tigers were things I ran from until I was about level 20. After 20 I could kill them but if they got close I was dead.

Giants were to avoid until I was about level 30.

Falmer had archers that could kill me with a single arrow until I was about level 40! After level 40 it took two hits so I had to play very cautiously when they were around.

Dragon Priests could easy kill me at level 50. It was a serious challenge to get a mask from them on master.

Dragons, no problem!

Elder scrolls was never difficult huh? Try playing oblivion and putting it on the highest difficulty. The rats will destroy you in the opening dungeon!

RuperttheBear2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

They were also the most annoying.