DLBTV: Home Beta Walk Through Part.5 (Video)

DLB gives you a view of the New Updated Home Beta as well as showing how the game lanucher works. Video 1 of 3. More Coming Soon!

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PimpHandHappy3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

that HOME is turning that corner

speaking of turning corners

If your into the whole LAUNCH a game from HOME thing then GT5 should be the reason why we see HOME in 2 months. If your down with racing The True Driving Simulator then look me up. I race clean


Then again the MS crowd will say its second life and Sony does nothing but lie to us all

If HOME hits with GT5 Prolouge i think its going to be very cool. I have had no hope in HOME but if they get it working with a few games ppl will then start to see the impact its going to have

online gaming at its best plus its free

MikeGdaGod3887d ago

all games on disk, all games and demos saved on the HDD can be launch from anywhere in Home.

i'm in the beta so i haven't watched any of these videos.

do they show that we also have a second home space? its a "summer house" that can be purchased from the real estate in the market space.

we can also saved mutiple avatars so that if you want to switch clothing you can put together the outfits you like, saved them, then load which ever outfit (or person) you feel like "wearing" that day. this makes it alot better then having to go through all the menus just to change your look. i think you can save about 9 or 12 different models.

this update has done wonders for my confidence in this venture. i've haven't been convinced Home would be special, but seeing it from the beginnig (since last summer) to what it is now and is becoming, i think they're on the right course.

PimpHandHappy3887d ago

free XBL?

3D XBL coming?

yea right

Skerj3887d ago

That's kinda weak that it makes you log in again after exiting a game, I hope Sony fixes that. In any case the game launcher is the truth, I can't wait but I hope the bugs are fixed for the most part before I'm in.

Storm233887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

this looks very good, and I know it is just the beta, but Sony still has a lot of work to do. I am as excited as anyone for what Home will eventually be, but the lag and getting booted problems from this meeting in the video makes me nervous right now. I think Sony will figure it out but I hope they do realize that this closed beta is having these problems and that they are going to need to be ready to handle a ton more people than who are on there now.

I mean when Home launches, whenever that is, there is going to be a mad scramble to get in for a LOT of gamers and I hope they have set up everything to handle this.

Do you guys think the main area is going to be over packed? Anyone know if there will be multiple of these places for like different regions in the world? I am guessing they will have to do this, I just wonder how many there will end up being? And if you can switch to another regions place if you have friends there...etc?

Brixxer6003887d ago

I was also sceptical about this but it looks really good so far, i'd like to think that in the final version when you quit a game you'll go back to Home, instead of being kicked out.

Does anyone know if there are shortcuts to the different areas ?, or will we be made to walk to them all of the time ?, that would get tiresome.

Skerj3887d ago

You can warp to places from the virtual PSP.

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The story is too old to be commented.