Why We Need More Games Like Zeonic Front's writer silverwolf analyses positive aspects of the PS2 game Zeonic Front that are missing in modern mecha games but, if added, could make for unique and enjoyable gaming experiences.

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XiaoSet2107d ago

Totally agree, played this for days trying to unlock everything, in the summer of grade 7. Good childhood.

miyamoto2107d ago

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation more than makes up for the lack of Zeonic Front ... for now.

Godmars2902107d ago

Problem is the game didn't not sell well. Was more dependent on Gundam's popularity at the time instead of advertising so failed to set a good example.

Nevermind that Bandai followed up games like it with very lazy/rushed efforts like Target in sight.

tarbis2106d ago

We also need more Gihren's Greed type of game. SIEG ZEON! SIEG ZEON! SIEG ZEON!!!