Five Things To Do Before The PS4 And Next Gen Hit

The next gen is upon us! Are you ready for the PS4 and next Xbox? Check this list out and make sure you are because if not, you might find yourself missing out or not even able to use the new consoles.

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AztecFalcon2081d ago

That internet picture... is that that the one where he's surfing on the keyboard?

I wish I had that kind of swag as a kid.

black9112081d ago

Eat,Sleep and You Know.

000012081d ago

masturbate excessively?

pixelsword2081d ago


I mean, that's a strange habit you got there...

*walks away whistling*

Dwalls11712081d ago

Save your money , Not only will you have to buy a new console, but a few new games also

Games4ever2081d ago

Eat,sleep,masturbate and play.

Games4ever2081d ago

Ah right forgot the fifth, which is to come here daily and lurk at rumors :)