Interview: Michael Levine On Insecticide

Action/adventure games are big business. Popularized by a plumber and a hedgehog, this beloved genre has been played by virtually every gamer. But aside from the new Mario titles (and occasional surprises like Psychonauts), action/adventure games have not been treated well in recent years. Most of them lack action, few of them are truly adventurous, and only a handful are actually worth playing.

Hence the reason behind Crackpot Entertainment's hype for Insecticide, their new DS and PC game that promises to be an action/adventure in the truest sense of the word. "We say this because this genre, action/adventure, in the media and in games, has come to mean almost nothing," said Michael Levine, Head Monkey at Crackpot Entertainment. "But Insecticide really is an action/adventure game, combining both those gaming elements in the truest sense of the word. This is why we talk about it like this."

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