Boomtown: Ghost Squad Review

The game nicely and naturally works with the Zapper, which is something. You can upload scores to a world-wide rankings system, but that doesn't save Ghost Squad. Even the low price and hysterically bad voice acting and dialogue don't make a positive difference.

The game is just plain dull. It looks and sounds ok, but one play through and you've seen all you need to see. Mindless blasting can be fun, but this is soulless blasting.

Graphics - 6
Sound - 5
Durability - 6
Gameplay - 6
Overall -

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PS360WII3885d ago

I don't care what they say this game is fun and the best use of the Zapper yet. Good times and I like what Sega is doing for the Wii can't wait till House of the Dead comes out ^^