Patapon reviewed @ recieves 9.5/10

Seems like now people can finally stop saying that there are no games with imagination on the PSP.

Taken from review:

From an artistic standpoint there hasn't been a game like this since Okami and Shadow of the Colossus. It's quite simple actually; the game is in 2-D the characters are black and white unless you have a special unit, but everything is eye catching. Watching these cute little warriors shoot arrows and dance and twirl as they throw spears at their enemy is just a joyful experience. You can tell when an enemy is in range because their eyes will scowl at the enemy. There's just so much humor to what equates as mass murder.
After you go hunting or defeat a boss you'll see your Patapon army haul back the head or whole carcass on a wagon. And then at the village you will see them fight and celebrate around their bounty.

Another interesting thing is the way some of your enemies die. Kill a Zigoton and you'll see their eye swirl around and then disappear as they fall down. The animals you hunt especially the ones that look like cows will somersault head over heels and land on their back. I like how the crabs die because they have big eyes which just go blank as they die and I found that funny. Enough really can't be said about the enemy design, but I won't bore you with mirthful ramblings. Just pick up the game and enjoy it for yourself.

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