Opinion: Top four reasons Blu-ray Disc will tank

Lucas Mearian from Computer World writes:

The battle between the next-generation, high-definition optical disc formats was an exciting, if exasperating, contest to follow. But now that the smoke is clearing, and Blu-ray has officially kicked HD DVD's proverbial butt, why am I still waiting to buy a Blu-ray player? I mean, my colleague spent $1,000 dollars a year ago so that he could be the first one his the block to own one, and today, Blu-ray players are less than half that price.

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wow4u3890d ago

He's partly wrong on point #4. Movies on Xbox 360 stream. You dont have to wait until the movie is finished downloading to watch.

baxter3890d ago

i am reporting this as SPAM.

I agree with Nick . Why are dvds selling in bazillions when one can rent a movie?

Why would a sane person rent a movie( 480p/720p) on slow streaming websites for 4$ for a day when he could get it in 1080p at 15$

STORY reported as SPAM

godofthunder103890d ago

they were only 2 things that i was worring about if it will survove.i didn't buy a br or hd player until they had a winner and now that br won i'm planning on buying the new br player that's coming out in a few month thats better then the one that the ps3 have in it.
the other thing that i was all ways worring about is if any one of them will really replace dvds as the next format.the reason that i've allways worryed about it is because the regular dvd sales have been dropping off in the last 4 to 5 years.
i'm like most people i like to have the dvd in my hand as a matter of fact i have over a 1000 dvds but they have a lot of people that want pay $20 for a dvd or $30 for a br disc to watch one time.instead of buying the dvds they just order the movie they want to see off ppv,vod,stream movies from their computer or 360 because unlike what some people think you can start watching the movie about 3 to 5 minutes after you start the download you don't have to wait till it's all down loaded and the people that don't do that have joined a club that will send you movies through the mail and it's really starting to hurt the sale of dvds.
i hope that br will take off but it will never sale like dvds did as a matter of fact their isn't any more disc that will sell like it or not(i don't) but we might as well face it streaming is the future.

WIIIS13890d ago

Why is this story a spam when N4G has already tolerated the countless spamming of positive blu-ray stories? Oh that's right, if it is not pro PS3 it is spam.

Joey Gladstone3890d ago

Because it just won the Format War against HD-DVD and is the Standard for HD-Storage.......wait a lol I dont think so....
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

LeonSKennedy4Life3890d ago

Hey...when you guys get a can stick it to him.

I'm thinking about making my own.

How's this one?

"As you were, gentlemen."

Huh? Come on!!!

MrSwede3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Mr_Kuwabara makes a good point. We can't kill a story just cause we disagree with the author. I think Lucas Mearian is wrong on all points but this is a credible source and the contributor follows guidelines so this should get approved.

THE_JUDGE3890d ago

is under the impression that
1. Blu-ray player prices will never go down. (When they have and continue to)
2. Up converting DVD's is the same a Blu-ray movie. (No, they aren't as good as picture and sound quality. They also don't have interactive menus and allow special features way beyond regular DVD.
3. Blockbuster and Netflix will never rent movies on Blu-ray, no one will buy the movies and the prices of the movies will never go down. (More Blockbuster will carry them as time goes on and BD is adopted by the masses. Netflix and BB online already carry BD. The prices of the movies have been declining and will as time goes on.
4. Download are ready to go this year and 85% of America has high speed internet and a large hard drive to store it all. (This is so far off base that I shouldn't need to comment further. Just a plain dumb thought on his part.)

Needless to say, he's WRONG!

YoMeViet3890d ago

so true! 85%???? where did he get this figure? heck it's horrible since the cable companies where i live cap their bandwidth

Nathaniel_Drake3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

#2 - Yeah I agree to watch an upscaled DVD compared to Blu-ray is no where near the same

#3 - My Blockbuster down the block already rents Blu-rays

#4 - Right before clicking this article I knew DD was one of the reason, I don't understand why people think this is better than the physical media, i mean do people actually don't want to hear and see the best audio and visual of a movie after it comes out from the theater
Not to mention the fact why after this huge format war people are going to start another war with watching movie between DD and Blu-ray, with the rate PS3 purchasing rate is going don't you think one of the reason people are buying a PS3 is because it plays Blu-ray movies and the software selling rate of blu-ray movie increasing people are going to decide to discontinue this purchase just to move on to another format

I still never understood the DD argument for the present, I mean in the future yeah

Its weird whenever the format wars were going on DD was a rare mention compared to the articles for Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Now that the war is over you get many articles against the winning format, I wonder if a push like this would have happened if HD-DVD won?

jke823890d ago

blockbuster around 1000 national road in wheeling wv rents em and sells em... other ones dont?? what am i in some kind of test market?

wallace10003890d ago

Isn't blockbuster going out of business? I remember reading it on here a while ago. Has anyone had one close in their town yet?

THE_JUDGE3889d ago

I used to work for the company and they suck. As for them tanking, they have been for a while but aren't closing altogether.

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