Visceral’s John Calhoun on the evolutionary universe of Dead Space 3

A tag team of Stevivor staffers — super hardcore fan Steve Wright and normal, well-adjusted gamer Nicholas Simonovski — sat down last week to discuss Visceral Games’ upcoming Dead Space 3 with producer John Calhoun.

In this interview, John addresses criticisms that the game has become less scary to appeal to more gamers, discusses how drop-in, drop-out co-op has brought some challenges to the game’s development and speaks at length about how Visceral is expanding the Dead Space universe and how that means changing up the game in turn.

Oh, and John also lets you in on a little secret: your best friend in the game won’t be Ellie OR your new co-op partner, John Carver.

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BanBrother2085d ago

Lol was that a picture of him from primary school? Haha he looks adorable :-)

FarCryLover1822085d ago

For some reason, this is the funniest thing that I've heard all day.

Treian2085d ago

more like devolutionary...

Blank2085d ago

I hope mobile phone action gamers read this article hahaha!