TVG Review: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PS3)

Gwynne Dixon from TVG writes:

"Multiplayer wise, the offerings are the same as what you can currently find on Xbox Live with all the various updates. Up to 16 players can battle it out on 16 multiplayer maps, with a range of four fairly conventional modes: there's the all against one Fugitive mode, Elimination games (both individually and in teams), as well as a control point based Post Grab mode. The wide array of weapons from the single-player game is also on show in the multiplayer including sticky grenades, Nevec VS and laser rifles. It's certainly a competent multiplayer offering for the PS3 but it's worth bearing in mind that Lost Planet hasn't exactly set the Xbox Live charts alight over the last twelve months, so don't expect anything spectacular."

"Graphically, Lost Planet has aged a little bit. It still looks very good, but when you compare it to some of the stunning shooters that have appeared over the last year or so, it loses its impact slightly. Games such as The Club, Bioshock and CoD4 have certainly raised the bar for next-gen shooters and, while Lost Planet can still hold its head high as a next-gen game, you certainly wouldn't rank it up there amongst the big guns."

"The sound effects of wounded Akrid beasties will certainly warm your chilly Lost Planet loins, while whistling winds across the ice deserts certainly add to the atmosphere of the freezing game world. Unfortunately, however, the voice-over work in the game's extensive cut-scenes certainly isn't its strongpoint."

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