All Three Skyrim DLC for PS3 passed certification from SCEA along with patch 1.8

Great news for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PS3 gamers, Bethesda has just announced that all three Skyrim DLC "Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn" has passed certification process at Sony along with patch 1.8.

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portal_22084d ago

It's worth noting that the DLC will also have a 50% discount.

SCW19822084d ago

In my opinion it's an insult that Bethesda is charging us at all. An inferior version of a game was shipped to market and Bethesda has screwed the Sony players over this entire generation. This should be 100% free with a huge apology letter attached to it. Just my thoughts.

Merrill2084d ago

Well you're not entitled to the DLC, regardless of how ticked off all of us PS3 owners were/are about the delay in receiving them.

This is still a business and they're the ones entitled to make a profit from the work they do/continue to do. Simple as that.

At least it's 50% off and not full price, it's something, so buy it or do not.

Muerte24942084d ago

Why would we support Bethesda anymore than we already have by purchasing Skyrim (and then getting shafted). When PSN went down people weren't saying (it's still a business). No, Sony offered everyone a free year of PS+ ($50). Microsoft paid them for timed exclusive DLC and their scared to come forward about it. They weren't thinking about gamers, they were thinking about their pockets. You make us wait well over a year for DLC, guess it's only right for us to make you wait a couple of years before we buy a game from you again.

Anon19742084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Personally, I'm stoked and haven't been shy about saying so. My experience with Skyrim on my PS3 was flawless and it's no wonder this game won so many game of the year awards. It deserved all the critical praise it received and is, hands down, one of my favourite games on this gen.

I get that a small minority of gamers experienced some problems at first, but it was patched within weeks of launch. It's not as if problems were just never addressed. I can understand fan outrage if this was the case, but clearly it's not, yet still Bethesda is reviled on the forums. Meanwhile, a game like Borderlands 2 has serious freezing issues on the 360 that take them months to patch and no one says boo about it.

I'm an unabashed Skyrim fan and I'll never understand the amount of hate this game has garnered. I guess it's no different than when anything becomes popular. We saw the same hate for Mass Effect, GTA, COD, etc. It's not because they aren't great games, sometimes haters just gotta hate, I guess. And you heard me right. The COD series is a whole barrel of fun despite how everyone loves to gang up on it.

I would have bought the DLC regardless because I love the game, and no amount of internet backlash is going to change the fact that I've had a blast in the 100 or so hours I put into this title. The fact that it's 50% off is just a bonus for me. If you bought into the internet hate rather than the boatload of perfect or near perfect scores, I don't know what to tell you. You missed out.

If I let the internet forums dictate which games I should spend my time on I would have missed out on some of the best gaming experiences I've had this generation. If not a single piece of DLC came to the PS3, I still would have gladly purchased Skyrim again.

TheFreak2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Forget 50% discount I want my money back for selling me a game that doesn't work.

DragonKnight2083d ago

@darkride: You may have had a decent experience with Skyrim, but you're in the minority there. And the "perfect scores" were definitely undeserved and given merely because of what Bethesda attempted, not what they delivered. There are even some reviewers who posted revisions mentioning all the problems in Skyrim that should have prevented a perfect score. The patch you're talking about was the one to fix the game from crashing or freezing due to the autosave bug, but that didn't prevent other reasons for freezing, or backwards flying dragons, or the cave of Winterhold half loading so you could hear sounds but not see anything, or the College of Winterhold questline being impossible to finish thanks to the Archmage's death garnering no reaction from anyone. I could easily continue.

These are very real problems that still exist. Skyrim was released half completed. The PC community lucked out because they had people who could actually fix Bethesda's broken code out of the gate, and the 360 was the lead platform for Skyrim, but the PS3 was immensely screwed. That's what happens when you reuse an ancient engine like Gamebryo. Funnily enough, the Oblivion port was better handled thanks to a 3rd party, which continues to show that Bethesda can't code for crap. They get accolades for what they attempt, not the quality that it's released in. That's just a fact, proven by the fact that Dawnguard, a DLC unavailable to 1/3 of Skyrim's total userbase, won DLC of the Year at the VGA's.

50% off for a year late DLC is good, but still kinda a slap in the face. $10 is too much to pay for Dawnguard, and Hearthfire is so small it should be free.

Eldyraen2083d ago


The difference between PSN going down and DLC from Bethesda is simple: PSN going down denied you from playing PS3 games (a couple completely, some just online) so it was a much bigger deal. DLC however is exactly that--its an option that no one forces on you and until its released it doesn't effect your actual gaming experience whatsoever. The wait sucked but sometimes sh*t happens--sorry.

Betheda being afraid to come forward acknowledging timed exclusive DLC? They announced that before any DLC details was actually known about. Saying the whole 'wait' for a fix was some sort of conspiracy is just stupid.

For the record... DLC hasn't been out for a year either: the first came out for 360 in late June so only 7 months (well a few days more). Again, it sucks but if you're going to complain might as well try to keep facts correct.

If you want to skip it though, go ahead. I bet they expect many to do it anyways at this point but at least they eventually got things fixed. No matter what they do they have to know whatever happened is going to come back to haunt them at some point but once a new ES/Fallout does come out I can guarantee at least a few of the people (and by a few, I mean a good 1/4 at the very least) that say they're going to 'pass' on Bethesda games will cave if its remotely fun and halfway stable (it is Bethesda after all)--but they might decide to get it on a different platform just to be safe.

Anon19742083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

@DragonKnight. Stop and consider the facts for a second. Reviewers loved the game on the PS3 despite the fact that almost all noted the occasional glitch. Which do you think is the more likely scenario? That pretty much every major reviewer worldwide simply threw near perfect scores at the game because they wanted to acknowledge that Bethesda tried really hard, or is it more likely that the game is actually really good despite the odd glitch which didn't overly detract from an otherwise excellent experience?

Bethesda commented that "Statistically, it is not nearly as bad as it seems. Meaning, by all the internal and external data, this is our most solid release. It’s also our most popular by a large factor, so we do have a lot of people on the PS3 who play the games a lot and their games are at a state that the game is just taxing the PS3 enough. For the vast, vast majority of people who play the game for 100 hours, it’s fine."

Skyrim wasn't perfect, but "Skyrim released half completed"? Give it a rest. Why does it kill some people so much to hear that someone enjoyed the hell out of an excellent game? Whenever a game becomes popular, or a movie, tv show, name it, there's always someone right there trying to nitpick it to death and explain why it's really the most awful thing that's ever been spewed forth from Satan's gaping maw.

In the end it's really irrelevant though to me. I, like millions of us, played an great game called Skyrim on our PS3's, and no amount of forum trolling trying to convince us that we really had an terrible time can take that away. In the end, all that matters is "Did I have fun," and I had a blast.

Also, thanks to those who have been sending me their positive Skyrim experiences in support. If you have a PS3, are a fan of rpg's and you haven't played this title, it's hands down one of the best games out there today. Don't buy into the grumbling. Ignore the naysayers and go with the professional game reviewers. They aren't wrong in this case. Do yourself a favour and pick it up. I'll be buying the DLC day one.

aPerson2083d ago

Like it or not, it COSTS BETHESDA MONEY to port the DLC over to the PS3. They have every right to charge for it. They are a business and a business' goal is to MAKE money -- not LOSE money.

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GuyThatPlaysGames2084d ago

YESS!!! I've been waiting so long for this and FINALLY, FINALLY it is coming!!!

SeanScythe2084d ago

Skyrim.....Oh that game I remember it fondly. They are nuts if they think I'm going to put more money down on a year old game.

MysticStrummer2084d ago

I wonder how many people care? I sure don't. I had few bug problems with my PS3 version, but don't see myself ever buying this DLC.

Bathyj2084d ago

Yeah, me neither. I spent about 150 hours on Skyrim. I had a few stuttering frame rates and one bug that is present on all versions nearly crashed my game but other than that I got my moneys worth out of it and then some.

I've long since traded this in however and dont see any reason to go back now given the stacked line up that coming out this year.

Its funny but, I play a game with my niece and nephew, whenever we see purple flowers we yell DEATHBELLS!!

Bumpmapping2084d ago

Buggy generic game I'm good better things to spend my money on.

ziggurcat2084d ago

too little, too late, really...

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