PS4: Is BigFest The New Home?

David Lynch: ''Sony has filed a trademark for a service called 'BigFest' hinting that it could be looking to evolve its Home service for its long-rumoured next-gen console, the PS4.

Sony trademarked BigFest (first seen by AGB) and the trademark describes it as an ‘interactive’ space for players to view web sites as well as other social networking services.''

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sinncross2085d ago

Could they not just revamp Home?

I feel like Home is a way better title than Bigfest... that sounds so... stupid.

jujubee882085d ago

Hmmmmmm. Something about that rings well. Not sure what it is, but it makes me feel something. Remember something.

Any way, I wonder if this will expand beyond being a console app experience. Rather, will this be running on browsers and as an app for VITA and mobile/tablets?

Part of the thing that makes a social network is the services permeability to various devices with a screen.

MysticStrummer2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

I doubt it has anything to do with Home, unless it's a space within Home. Sounds more like the social networking and matchmaking of XBL than it does Home.

Donnieboi2085d ago

Really? Please explain why u don't think so (especially after u read the article and trademark description--assuming u even read it).

MysticStrummer2085d ago

Yeah I read it. Home makes Sony a LOT of money, so I doubt they'll do away with it and start over with a totally new thing. I agree that in some ways this can be applied to Home, which is why I think it could be within Home, but I seriously doubt it will replace Home. I think it will be separate from Home.

g-nome2085d ago

Yip , I would have called it Playspace or something else.

ABizzel12085d ago

I said PlayStation World or Play World for short.

Maybe PS Omni?

It's good they're expanding on Home, now all they need to do is get a better art style, add better spaces, and market it as a free place to play games on the PS4.

WooHooAlex2085d ago

They definitely need to streamline it, I haven't hopped on Home in a while, but when I did I remember the load times being pretty bad, and everything just seemed really slow.

PlayFest, PlayNation, PlayTime. Something like that would be a cool name too. Not a fan of BigFest.

ABizzel12085d ago

It's better, but it's still not there. I think they need to keep the app-like interface they have now, but make it more like the PS Vita where you load apps. That should make things load a lot faster.

Also changing the art style will help as well. They were trying to go for a powerful look, but art style trumps realism in most games, especially character models when it comes to in-game graphics. If they can't make the character models and world look like Drake from Uncharted 3 then don't do it, because they currently look like the character models from sports games where you create a person, but they always look bad. It doesn't have to be as simple a Mii's and Avatar, and I'd prefer 3D human-like models, but tone down the details a bit, and focus on making the world more unique.

Let all things be interactive. Having to wait for a bowling lane is dumb. Even if they're people standing there I should be able to simply select it and start my own lane, even if it has to launch another app and take me out of the lounge area.

Finally add new and unique spaces for smaller publishers to develop games / spaces like:

ABizzel12085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Work with EA to make a new EA / Sony Sports Arean and have games based off franchises from EA / Sony that aren't multi-million dollar sellers. Basketball (based on NBA Streets), Soccer (based on Fifa Streets), Baseball (Homerun durby style), Football (based on NFL Street), Kart facing (ModNation Racers), and other sports (from the likes of PS Sports Champion). If you have a space like this people will want to come to PS Home and spend more time there, and Home can be used as the full OS for the PS4 with something like a new XMB running in the background. Offer trophy support for completing the games, and possibly online support. You can even have championship tournaments with Home to sell the experience even more and give the winners a special trophy as well as $50 in PS point to spend on PSN. Advertising and micro transactions can pay for the space such as charging for things like uniforms, shoes, headbands, wristbands, taunts, etc... Just keep everything at $1.

A Classic arcade space would be nice as well. Millions of people aren't lining up to buy classics like Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Super Street Fighter 2, so get those old games all into an Arcade space and let people play them. And if people want to buy the arcade cabinet for their home space then charge them.

1st party game spaces. In here they should be able to interact with the developers and fans who love the franchise. For example you could have a Gran Turismo Space where you can come in and talk with fans and developer about everything Gran Turismo in the forums in that area. Have it look like an actual race track, and the space is the VIP room over the course. On top of that offer a Gran Turismo Circuit which would be a miniature version of Gran Turismo that allows up to 4-8 players to race online or perform Ghost runs against their previous best time (using GT 5 Prologue gameplay). Cars can be limited, and better cars must be unlocked, or bought via micro-transactions to help pay for the space as well as advertising for NASCAR.

This is what Home needs to evolve into IMO, and that would be the PS4's greatest selling point. Play games without having to buy games. Parents would eat that up especially if the make educational spaces for kids, and workout spaces for moms that can help train you and keep up with a food diet.

Also beneficial would be to have special unlocks and rewards for people based on their trophy level. Unlock avatar clothes, or special items, a large PS Home space or exclusive location for your Avatar, video game cabinets, or something.

This could go even further by adding a full MMO into the World, where your characters must aid the PlayStation All-Stars. Home needs to become an MMO.